Hatsune Miku (Box cover art) - Voicaloid 1


I made this just as Hatsune Miku made her first boom on Deviantart and was only recognised by a few, unlike now when everyone and their mother has seen a Miku or 200 :p

To make the shirt I borrowed one of my dad's old shirts and took it apart to make a pattern. It's made from grey polycotton and trimed with custom dyed lace. The buttons were salvaged from dad's shirt. Details are made from paper stuck on XD

Tie and skirt edging using the same satin. The tights were hold ups that didn't really work, might be because they got a bit stretched when I added the lace. The skirt was also done in satin.

The arm thingies were black pleather (fantastic stuff) trimmed with bias binding. The light up pads were a rush job but I did have LEDs under them and they did light up at least :3

The wig was a short wig from cosworx. Got some extensions and only had time to stitched them rather badly onto the wig. I had no idea what I was doing...didn't know they were called wefts or anything. All I knew was that it would be ten times harder to style a 50 inch wig...it's an improvement from Minamicon though, showing some wig savy :3 Alas the extensions tangled very quickly and I didn't get to finish the hair pieces. Got a lot of stick over the hair and the fact that I'm "fat". Oh well XD

Fables posted on 11 December, 2009 - 18:29
You look awesome :3 I regret not using pleather on my own arm thiniges cos yours look rad!! Shame we cant see the skirt better :)

street-angel posted on 12 December, 2009 - 00:54
Thanks, I prefer my Luka costume tbh

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