Jiraiya (Normal) - Naruto


AmeCon 2007




Materials where the most expensive probably next to the sandals, headband should be arrivign soon, i re used my Hitsugaya wig for the spiky bits, and the hair extension is fur so are the side bangs/mutton chops. Took this out for a test run at ReCon. had major fun. everything is home made from scratch, first time making trousers D: was ha rd i may remake them if i have time ):

headband in phot was made using paper mache and a old mini naruto headband i got for like 99p on ebay. came out really well, got lots of wows at the reCon event, should wear contacts next time cause i ccould not see without my glasses

EDIT:wore at expo may need new headband and will make accessories for him too :D if anyone has pics of me at expo let me know!

biggest difference here was larger hair things on the side :D


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