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AmeCon 2007


Last minute cosplay! This was made hours before the cosplay ball. The top was taken from my friend's Orichmaru cosplay, the white buttons from her Yakitake Japan cosplay, the black wig from her Ishida cosplay so was the 'apron' XDD All so Yuuko would have a Watanuki to boss about for the ball!

Uni posted on 3 February, 2008 - 22:45
wow thats really impresive considering you did this in a few hours!!! i so want pictures of you with my yuuko cosplay XD well thats if you ever cosplay watanuki again : )

Kamiko posted on 3 February, 2008 - 23:03
lol its likely I will <3 I adore Watanuki, I was gonna make up a better Watanuki cosplay for ame but im not sure if im gonna have the time now XDD hehe you're a Yuuko *_* thats cool! -checks out-

Anonymous posted on 4 February, 2008 - 21:40
Oh my god, you made this on the day? I remember thinking how cute this was but I only know a little about CLAMP. Great job :)

nikkinerdgirl posted on 20 October, 2012 - 20:27
Omg this is do good message me r u in the uk or the states cuz im in amarica but seriously message me if thats possable

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