Christophe Valerious (Costume from The Burning Eventide) - Original Character


Amecon 2010




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Progress Journal

17th January 2010


So the wig has been ordered, Christophe's story is now fully developed and he should be debuted with the rest of the arcanepunk group (AKA the EPIC, WONDERFUL, FANTASTIC DAH-LING Musketeers). I've found/ -cough-Lu found/ the material I need for the shirt and slacks...

Opinions please? All of Chris' clothes will be "corset tied" together...I don't plan on punching the holes...I was thinking maybe burning them with something like a cigarette. What do you think?

-Scoop out!

2nd December 2009

A few changes

Ok so now Chris has a mechanical heart...So...Need to make a chestplate and find a jar of heart for him to carry around with him. There is an explanation to this, I promise.

1st December 2009

A convincing arguement

So...I'm going to follow a trend (What? Me?) and go with an Arcanepunk cosplay. Christophe is an OC of mine that has been very dear to my heart for a while and so with a little bit of tweaking I love the iddea that he can actually fit into a genre rather than just skitting about everywhere. We (AKA myself and Lu ((who has Nate, Chris's twin brother)) ) have figured out and tweaked their backstory and now all is well ^^.

So...Here we go again...I have a feeling Christophe!Muse is not going to shut up for a while.