Pink - Pokemon (Original)





I love it when people cosplay their own characters so I also want to try it out.

EDIT: Okay so this is my OC Pink! She is a Pokemon trainer.

b a c k g r o u n d i n f o

Pink is an adventurous Pokemon Trainer. She is very polite and sometimes very shy, but if someone crosses her she will speak her mind. She can be hot headed and immature at times, meaning she looses her fair share of battles. She does scare easily too, specifically afraid of the dark and Ghost type Pokemon. Pink tends to try and catch cute Pokemon instead of stronger Pokemon. She loves her Pokemon dearly and gets upset when she is parted from them. Her journey starts in the Johto region and she battles Gym leaders.

She comes from a small village in Johto called Eglantine. Her parents own a Mareep farm, where she became best friends with a Mareep called Cotton. She left the village to explore the world.

p o k e m o n t e a m

Cotton (Flaaffy) was a Mareep on her parents Mareep farm at Eglantine (hometown). After battling a trainer who visited Eglantine, Cotton evolved into Flaaffy and Pink and her set out to travel across Johto and the other regions. Cotton is very sweet but can get riled up easily, especially if someone insults Pink. Cotton is Pink's closest friend.

Angel Cake (Audino) was traded to Pink from her friend in Isshu. Pink traded her Marill because it was advancing too quick and Pink couldn't keep up. Angel Cake is shy, and more like a supporting member of the team, but can fight if she has to.

Pink caught Goggles (Flygon) when visiting a village in Johto. The villagers claimed there was a beast living in the caves in the mountin near their village, and the beast would come out at night and set fire to their houses, and generally cause havoc. Pink found a Flygon in the caves, scared and aggressive after being so far away from home. Cotton battled him and catch him. Goggles is very smug and boastful.

Firefox (Ninetails, name WIP?) is a very loyal Pokemon. I'm still working on her story!

Tokidoki (Togetic) has a strong bond with Pink meaning 'Return' is his strongest move. Tokidoki gets upset easily.

Thunder Cheeks (Pichu) Still working on better story/personality.


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