Kouya Sakagami (School Uniform) - Loveless





I love Loveless. SO much glasses love. So many potential cosplays. After some of our cosplay group started reading the manga series we quickly decided on the characters we'd want to cosplay and formed a group XD I chose Kouya because she was one of my favourites at first sight. After I read on I loved her character and her story and I'm terribly disappointed at how little of the manga she's in >:

Most of this costume has been finished for months, I've just been waiting for the wig. Now it's finally here! 8D

I don't actually know when I'm going to get to wear this since I can't make it to Cheshire Oaks recon >: In to the cosplay cupboard it goes.


Mungojerrie posted on 16 February, 2008 - 21:04
Natsuo > Kouya LOL AT YOU We need a recon like soon lol.

Crazedteensie posted on 16 February, 2008 - 21:06
NO WAY DUDE NO WAY yes we do D:

Luminescence posted on 18 June, 2008 - 17:58
Wig arrived zomg!? You look awesome, obv. Please to be having photoshoot soon o:

Mungojerrie posted on 18 June, 2008 - 20:00
...Dude your wig actually turned up. Omfg on a stick. YOU WIN AT LIFE. You look awesome 8D

HyperNightmare posted on 27 August, 2008 - 18:06
WOW SO AWSOME! :D How long did that wig take to arrive ^^;;