Kawachi Kyousuke (Pantasia Southern Branch) - Yakitate! Japan


AmeCon 2007


Kawachi is simply a character I would to stand around being - he's so hyper and silly. X3 Me and a few others who are also doing Yakipan costumes bought some plain chef whites and (after stressing that it'd go horribly wrong), dyed them in the washing machine. The results are great! The colour isn't perfect, but we're so happy with how they turned out in general we don't care. Even the buttons dyed a darker shade, which is just what we wanted! We are in the process of attaching lining to the edges of the tops, as well as the 'P' on the front. I ordered a short blonde wig from ebay which is absolutely great. All I need now is some of the horrible trousers he wears ... *looks in charity shops*. Should be all finished by next week! ^_^b

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