DJ Yellow - Rhythm Tengoku Gold / Heaven / Paradise


I'd like to do this cosplay as DJ Yellow is my favourite character from Rhythm Paradise, plus I think this would be interesting to do.

Officially started 05/03/2013 when I got the pink eyeliner for the cheeks.

Very cosy cosplay to wear! Although if I looked down enough my headphones would slip off! Also got mistaken for Pikachu twice - one of those times was from a Nintendo Unleashed rep!

I got a pair of base headphones from eBay seller healthysounds, cut off the cord, and painted on the red spots. I also painted two lollipop sticks black and two polystyrene balls yellow. I then used small black duct tape to tape the sticks to the balls after pressing them in a bit, and taped the sticks to the headphones.

For the cheeks I got pink eyeliner from Boots.

The hat was bought from eBay seller alfee786.

The jumper was bought from eBay seller brandsandbargainsuk.

The gloves were bought from eBay seller charms.bead.bracelet, and I cut the tips of the fingers off as they were touch-screen gloves.

The trousers were bought from Amazon.co.uk seller Sports Direct.

The socks were bought from eBay seller style-gaga.

The shoes were bought from eBay seller bluntsfootwearleicester.

KamikazePenguin posted on 22 November, 2009 - 22:57
Winnn! :D I love this game however annoying it may be at times. Good luck with this, such an awesome idea!

No thanks posted on 10 May, 2013 - 23:38

Pink Cheeks
Yellow Hat
Yellow Jumper
Yellow Gloves
Yellow Trousers
Yellow Socks
Yellow Shoes

Total cost: £0.00

14th May 2013

Headphones Finished

Finished the painting. Used some small black tape to fix the sticks onto the balls and then those onto the headphones. Also taped the headphones adjustment as it was a bit loose. I poked the sticks into the polystyrene balls, but I also used a bit of Bostik glue which is not a good idea as it does something weird to the polystyrene and melts it. Luckily with the tape the balls are pretty secure.

11th May 2013

Headphones Progress

Done more painting on the headphone pieces. They've all been given 3 layers, except the yellow balls which will need one more.

10th May 2013

Headphones Started

The black headphones were bought from eBay seller healthysounds. I cut off the cord and I've started painting the red spots on the ears. I've also started painting the yellow balls, and painted 2 lollipop sticks black. This is only the first layer of paint so they'll probably need more painting done.

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