Sir Fratley
Final Fantasy IX

Cosplayer: timpey

Status: Planned

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

FusionRose avatar

FusionRose - 22nd November 2009
Oh wow, this will be Amazing! Good luck with it
Can't wait to see progress pics and such =]

Suzunerd avatar

Suzunerd - 22nd November 2009
FF best Rpg series ever

can't wait to see this complete will be awesome XD

Manjou avatar

Manjou - 22nd November 2009
Another one of my dream cosplays, good luck with it :D

Emzone avatar

Emzone - 22nd November 2009
This will be amazing *w*

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 26th November 2009
This will be awesome. I can't wait to see.

LekLek avatar

LekLek - 8th June 2011
Sir Fratley~~~
his and Freya's story is soo sad and bittersweet

timpey avatar

timpey - 8th June 2011
it is if i could get someone to go as freya id love to do this, i love the theme for him as well