Tao Ren (Female ver.) - Shaman king




So I was struggling to come up with an outfit for the Grand International Cosplay Ball... this is what I emerged with =D

This was supposed to be a money-saving costume due to lack of funds, and a limited amount of time to put the costume together. Buuuut, I've ended up going crazy with accessories and stuff, and despite using a dress I already own, I've already managed to spend a sizeable sum of money ^^;

I'd wanted to do a female version of Ren for a while (well, I wanted to do Landlady!Ren, but this is my half-way station until that is completed... and it WILL happen!), so this really seemed like a perfect excuse. It was such a fun costume to wear, despite having to walk back through central London in the rain at midnight DO NOT WANT D:

The tattoo was artfully done in approx. 2 hours by the super-talented and ever-wonderful Death May Die. I have roguearcanis to thank for make-up skillz, and the landmark of the very first bit of cosplay help my mum has ever provided me with - my nails! =)
She did paint the 'Ren' symbol on my middle finger on each hand, though the pictures don't really show it off.

This was a challenging design to come up with (I mean, making Ren feminine lulwhut), but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out =)


White Leviathan posted on 26 January, 2010 - 20:23
How did this only take you two hours?! Looked great, really went well with the event too.