Noriko Ukai (Stage Outfit) - Gravitation


London MCM Expo Oct 2009

Best Recieved By Audience




Ok, this cosplay is officially THE chilliest one I've ever worn... Brr! I was freezing!
And why, you ask?
Here's all I was wearing!
- Purple curly wig (not the most exact, but I was low on money and time)
- Red off-the-shoulder belly top (this gave me so much trouble! I need to re-make it, because it disgusts me by existing)
- Yellow short-shorts (these also need replacing because they got a lip gloss stain... =.=)
- White half-skirt (this was the one bit I liked. didn't keep me warm though!)

So as you can see, I pretty much failed on this costume
It was a sham! An absolute sham!

Me and my group (some of them are in the picture with me) performed on stage, where I again failed, but thankfully my friends did such an awesome performance that the audience didn't notice how rubbish I was, and we won a prize! Yay!

Aside from my complete failure in the costume department, the performance department, and the general living department on that day, I think it went ok.
Nah, not really.

I'm re-using the wig at some point in the future to make a magician's assisstant costume... not from any particular thing, just a stereotypical getup xD


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