Misa Amane - Death Note: Anime/Manga




--RETIRED-- thank god!!! --
My very first cosplay! Yeesh.. this one was a bit rubbish.
At least it shows that I've improved, know what i mean?

Consists of:
- Blonde wig (fringe was accidentally cut too short. has now been converted into a Vexen wig - classic!)
- Short black skirt (borrowed from my sis)
- Corset (borrowed from my sis)
- Stripey vest (cut from an old top)
- Stripey socks (borrowed from my friend)
- Death Note (also borrowed from my friend)
- Black shoes (my school shoes DX)

Yup, so most of it was borrowed!
And, alas, none of it exists any more XP
What a... shame

So this costume is officially RETIRED, BINNED, and GIVEN AWAY! Hurrah!


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