Sosuke Sagara (School Uniform) - Full Metal Panic





I've been wanting to cosplay as Sosuke for a long, long time and I'm still not sure when I'll have the time to fit him in >,<

Out of all the anime I've seen Sosuke is definitely one of the funniest characters I've had the pleasure to watch.
I just really love how he always mistakes simple everyday situations for war ones and causes absolute chaos! XDDD

Another good thing about Sosuke is that he's not a character that is over-cosplayed.
I'll be choosing to do his school uniform since I feel that it's his most recognisable outfit ^_^

Ichigo-chan might cosplay as Kaname for me but we have yet to decide on a date for this as we both have a few other cosplays that we want to do first. It will probably be in late 2010 or 2011.


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