Gaara - Naruto




Well! One day I just decided... y'know Gaara.. he be pretty cool and so I decided to cosplay as him. Since after all he has no eyebrows like myself! Making us practically family XD. I Bought the wig from Cosworx.. it was very long.. and then i cut and styled it to be all short and spikey which was very fun, took about 4 hours and made my hands hurt for days afterwards >.<
I also made my own ninja sandals.. which took.. like 6 hours and was veeeery tedious, I am very proud of them though! Sadly they rubbed the skin of my feet all to hell so then I had to go out and buy special plaster things to go on the inside of them. yay. (yeah.. no one probably needed to know that <.<) So that was AWKWARD
The sashes were also rly hard to make.. well the leather type one was anyway since it refused to be sewed I just glued into submission in the end XD
Then came the leg wraps.. sure easy to make.. long bits of stretchy white material.. but putting them on? HA takes about and hour and a half.. then after a while they start slipping.. not fun D:

Overall I really enjoyed cosplaying as Gaara though (even when I was ill.. again.. I must be allergic to expos or something o.O)I got lots of hugs and people took my picture :D which I always love, apparantly I looked 'cute'. hm <.<
could have been those kitty ears my friend put on my head and I forgot I was wearing.. all day... shyeeeeah


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