Cheshire Cat
Alice in Wonderland - not Disney

Cosplayer: Xigalicious

Variant: My own version!

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

20th November 2009: It's tomorrow.. still not finished... AAARGHHH!!
Well.. it's nearly finished now but I am starting to panic.. the ears are not all done yet and i think the feet need some more glueing :/
If I do not glue them the bottoms shall fall off as I walk around D:
Hopefully I should get that finished tonight though.. and then to leeds on the morrow.

My daughter/friend steff is sat next to me whining about her broken email and not being able to get on cosplay island.. since she is a n00b. :) but i still love her

SilverSheik avatar

SilverSheik - 17th November 2009
Looking forward to seeing this when its finished! :D
I must say you are quite awesome just for trying a cosplay like this...I wouldnt know where to start if it was me...
So yeah, aweeeeesomeeee!! <3
And am looking forward to future Alice-in-Wonderland-times too, I can tell its gonna be so cool!
See you in Leeds! (or to be specific, tomorrow, but...yeah, I'll see you in cosplay on saturday...and cosplay is like a seperate entity of yeah, you know what I mean, right? lol)

Xigalicious avatar

Xigalicious - 17th November 2009
thank you!
:D I don't really know what I'm doing tho XD i'm just rollin with it and seeing how it all goes
*high fives*
hells yeah!

Enchanting_ELK avatar

Enchanting_ELK - 23rd November 2009
:3 omg i saw u a lot XD IT WAS SO CUUUUUTE! :D Awesome job on it. XD I wanted to stroke teh feet but everyone else was so i thought i wudn't XD haha.
I was teh Amu Hinamori :D

Hannah-Kiwii avatar

Hannah-Kiwii - 23rd November 2009
You looked awesome at TB, it was good to see someone doing a none disney (and none Ouran :P)) version =D

And the feet were epic XD Congrats on the award!

Vol avatar

Vol - 24th November 2009
OMG you were the awesome grey furry cat with the awesome feet??? yay! That was an epic costume :D well done on the award!!!