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I really love this character, he has a gentle personality.
A double coat costume; I was planning this for the Ayacon back in summer and I knew it was going to be hot D: The most troubling part was getting the right white fabric. I did buy a white silk, but I already had blue silk to be the inside coat, so I contrasted it with a cotton fabric.

The reason why I spent £150+ on making this is because I added the contact lenses as part of the expenditure. The staff was made, but broke on the last night at the convention.

Again, I didn't have a wig at the same xD I poorly sprayed my hair with orange. But now that I do have a wig, I wore it to MCM Expo this October.


montblanc posted on 17 November, 2009 - 01:28
awesome =D

BB Dubs posted on 17 November, 2009 - 12:10
Whee~ =D

Pandora-Chi posted on 28 July, 2010 - 11:56
OMG!! A Rhys cosplyer!! O.o thought I';d never see one! Well done! You pulled it off well! ^^

BB Dubs posted on 30 July, 2010 - 18:16
Thank you very much!! ^^

Manticore posted on 30 January, 2012 - 13:35
Pandora: IKR! I wish there were more FE cosplayers =3 Good Job!

BB Dubs posted on 16 February, 2012 - 22:39
Agreed! It's an underrated series =(

Manticore posted on 12 March, 2012 - 15:58
Planning a Massive Revival in Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn for Ayacon 2013, Would you please be our Rhys? It'd be nice to have some of the Griel Mercenaries!

BB Dubs posted on 17 March, 2012 - 12:41
Sounds like a plan!! =)

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