Sheik - Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time




This was my first cosplay ever! :D
Originally worn at Midlands MCM Expo 09...back in the day where I knew nothing about cosplay, had never been to a convention before...
...and I go and jump in the deep end, sort of, by going wearing a fullbody lycra suit! XD
As the complete newbie I was, I bought a cheap costume-shop wig and despite making a big mess of it, it worked when placed under the hat.

The shoe coverings were also...a bit amateurly done as well...

But i enjoyed it and the actual outfit (which was comissioned, I have made the hat and the shoes but thats basically it...)

Anyway, I'm wearing this again for Leeds Thought Bubble.

I may buy a better wig in future, but at the mo it looks like I'll have to cope and sort out the original wig i bought...


Xigalicious posted on 16 November, 2009 - 19:41
Yay! I am so excited for Leeds :P I shall see ye there... (well actually before.. but yuh) And oh noes the wig is truly dead? D: DOOOOOM!! :< Ahh good times await us fo' sho'

SilverSheik posted on 17 November, 2009 - 13:36
Well...the wig is still alive...and i dont have enough money to buy another one. I gave it a wash, neatened it up, and it looks fine underneath the hat so I'm just going with it... Same, mega excited for Leeds! :D woooo *adds you as friend* yur!

Siouxsie James posted on 16 March, 2013 - 07:59
This looks awesome!! Really cool cosplay!! :)