Frau (Blue Coat) - 07-Ghost


For Saturday of oct expo

Om_nom_nom posted on 5 September, 2010 - 13:02
Its the weirdo i do not like 8D Me, you, together, right now Ima kick yah butt 8D

808UnknownError posted on 17 January, 2011 - 07:52
Whoahoho! Omigawd this looks awesome! *_*

ZOMBIEfurby posted on 17 January, 2011 - 21:57
Thank you!!

princesircastic posted on 30 March, 2011 - 23:13
The wig looks really good! Got any tips for someone also hoping to succeed in recreating Frau's gravity-defying style? XD

ZOMBIEfurby posted on 31 March, 2011 - 20:33
I need to get off my lazy ass and style it hurr. Got2b glued spray and spiking glue I would get if you don't already. And if you haven't ordered your base wig already I would recommend a non skin top one, as it's much easier to style and then it doesn't want to go back to gravity once you have spiked it. Other than that just be patient? And good luck 8D

InfiniteJester posted on 10 October, 2013 - 13:23
sooooooon :P

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