Costume :Fujin
Source :Final Fantasy 8
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Hyper Japan 2011

Costume Photos

Mid casting

Fujin complete

Fujin at expo

Back (ish) view of completed Fujin

Relaxing on a afternoon off

Fujin makeup view

Hot weather version

Eyepatch complete

More armour progress

Fuin ref 2.

Fujin Ref


Costume Information

Cost : N/A
Time Taken : N/A

This has been a costume on my list for quite some time

previously worn at May MCM Expo 2011.


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Wooo can't wait for this =D Our group is going to be amazinggg!

by FusionRose on Wednesday, 25 November, 2009 - 08:16
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woooo epic =D

by Zelda on Wednesday, 25 November, 2009 - 11:59
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It definately is ^^

by Kitticus on Wednesday, 25 November, 2009 - 16:01
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looks awesome so far

by SamanthaKaiba on Monday, 28 February, 2011 - 11:49
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Thankyou ^^

by Kitticus on Monday, 28 February, 2011 - 12:17
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Yay! I HAVE to get photos of this! Fujin isn't done a lot but her outfit is awesome :D Looking great

by BabemRoze on Monday, 28 February, 2011 - 14:06
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She's definately an undercosplayed character.And thankyou! ^^

by Kitticus on Monday, 28 February, 2011 - 15:00
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She rules...with her one word sentences...XD

Cosplay looks awesome =D

by ChaoticBlossom on Sunday, 10 April, 2011 - 19:10
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She certainly does 8D And thankyou ^^

by Kitticus on Monday, 11 April, 2011 - 08:27
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Cannot fully explain how much I love you for doing this!
I love when people cosplay slightly obscure characters, specially when they do it so well. Wow. <3

by NakedSalad on Friday, 6 May, 2011 - 19:26
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OMG I LOVE! You look amazing! :D

by BabemRoze on Friday, 6 May, 2011 - 19:31
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@NakedSalad : I do love Fujin's character and others like her i must say ^^. And thankyou ever so much ^^
@BabemRoze: Thankyou muchly ^^

by Kitticus on Friday, 6 May, 2011 - 21:44
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This looks awesome! I love the wig and eyepatch.

by Zelvyne on Monday, 9 May, 2011 - 15:25
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Ah thankyou ^^

by Kitticus on Tuesday, 10 May, 2011 - 07:42
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Awesome to see someone cosplay her, rarely see it done.

Which day are you doing the costume? I'll be sure to keep an eye out for you :D

by MattDark on Sunday, 22 May, 2011 - 22:22
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^^. I am wearing Fujin on the Saturday of expo and will be with a maaasssive Final Fantasy group ^^

by Kitticus on Sunday, 22 May, 2011 - 22:40
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awsomeness ^^

by nanahara on Monday, 30 May, 2011 - 23:49
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Thankyou ^^

by Kitticus on Tuesday, 31 May, 2011 - 08:25


Update (Posted 11th March 2011)

well got fabric for trouser making, AND a razor comb for my wig to give it a good thinning out then its only my shirt to complete and my chakram to finish and paint then the cosplay is complete :D

Armour update!! (Posted 29th January 2011)

Well that was scary!!

For this cosplay i decided i would make the shoulder piece myself. Now being quite the fabric person i have tried to wangle myself around making props before. If i can make it into a plush or make it out of fabric i will. So not only is this my first proper prop but my first attempt at armour. And i am suprisingly pleased with it.

Its still a WIP but i am pleased so far ^^.

Note~ The photo shows the armour incomplete, also the paint was wet still and i got impatient so its actually infront of my shoulder rather than on it so looks a tiny bit bigger ^^'

UPDATE 2 (Posted 7th January 2011)

So far for this cosplay...

- i have made the eyepatch
- Narrowed down wig choices to 2

Very soon will be doing the following

- having a go at making shoulder armour. maybe just as a tester ^^
- find a shirt i can dye and alter easily ^^

A tiny bit of progress (Posted 20th January 2010)

Started looking for fabric and well , failed. I think this may be an online job.
Also looking more into doing the sleeves for the jacket and experimentation and practise should be going underway soon.
I have sketched out the template i need for Fujins weapon so that i dont have to fuss over it nearer the time.
I think the only thing that is going to annoy me from here onwards to when i actually wear this cosplay is finding the right wig and possibly having to add highlights to it, Which sounds a bit scary.