Ranka Lee - Macross Frontier

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Ranka is soooo cute XD And alot like me! I can't resist but to cosplay her one day!
I will do a concert~! It's a promise! XD

//EDIT: I'm probably going to wear this, or some form of Ranka, to the next Japanese Arts Festival, and perform "Seikan Hikou" there. \\


Boots- kindly donated by Jo :'D
Wig- Birthday present from Jo xD <3 ILU <3


Hobo-Hitsugaya posted on 13 November, 2009 - 22:42
this will be uber cute x3

Dusttee posted on 13 November, 2009 - 22:54
i love you even more now OWO You'll look so cute <3

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Progress Journal

23rd March 2010


jo got me the wig for my birthday
happy happy days~ <3

2nd January 2010


I'm like £20 away from my wig.. ¬w¬'
I need to somehow earn more money..
and have another boot sale so i can get cash for patterns and materials..
Ah Dx