Cirucci Thunderwitch

Cosplayer: Reve

Variant: Privion Espada

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Petchy-mon avatar

Petchy-mon - 17th March 2010
Wooo Thunderwitch! 8D

nanahara avatar

nanahara - 8th April 2010

Ikkaku-kun avatar

Ikkaku-kun - 8th April 2010
Best....Numeros....ever! 8D

tousen_218 avatar

tousen_218 - 7th May 2010
yay for update pics that are the right way round :P

Ikkaku-kun avatar

Ikkaku-kun - 7th May 2010
Yaaaaaay <3

xblackravenx avatar

xblackravenx - 12th May 2010
Looking good hunni x <3

VividLeviathan avatar

VividLeviathan - 5th June 2010
Really really niiiiiiiice :)

Anime_Angel avatar

Anime_Angel - 5th June 2010
I actually seen you at the expo and thought you were great^__^ I never seen anyone cosplay as her before lol

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 7th June 2010
realy cool

letmelive avatar

letmelive - 7th June 2010
Love this so much :D


JakeX avatar

JakeX - 1st July 2010 i said before, i freaking love u :P

noirenotorious avatar

noirenotorious - 1st December 2010
Aww, you're such a pretty Cirucci :3

Reve avatar

Reve - 1st December 2010
Thanks very much everybody! ^-^