Remus Blood - Undead Knights


London MCM Expo Oct 2009

Best in Parade / Runner-up (Tecmo Cosplay Idol)




-Also made the Sylvia costume (with exception of wig and shoes)-

Oh this one started out weird. Normally I don't really want to do cosplays of character I don't know (yet) But a friend asked me, and first I said no, until she showed me the art... I decided to research the character and totally loved the game (well.. the concept, it's not out yet!) and wanted to do it. She was in a busy busy period, and couldn't make her Sylvia, and just when she wanted to tell me she couldn't another friend asked me is she thought it would be ok if she did Sylvia as well... So that worked out... You think?

Nope, the other friend got a heavy load of homework, and thus wouldn't have been able to go as Sylvia as well. I had registred us for the masq already, and decided to bring the fabric (3 DAYS AHEAD OF THE CONVENTION WHILE I STILL HAD STUFF TO FINISH MYSELF) to my home and make it for her!

I'm so proud of how both turned out, mostly... because of the pants!
And I'm so happy she was so very very happy!

(and for some odd reason, we won Best in Parade AND Runnerup at the Tecmo Cosplay Idol)

Happy times!... uuurrhhh I mean... *moan*


Sephirayne posted on 11 November, 2009 - 01:46
Awesome outfit. You looked epic. Great to meet you. XX

goodbyeworld posted on 21 February, 2010 - 18:36
You looked so AWESOME =D

Kacela posted on 21 February, 2010 - 19:50
This was an awesome (and incredibly accurate) costume!! Twas epic! Can't wait for May ^^

FairyPorchQueen posted on 13 May, 2010 - 15:31
Ah this was you! :O well done!