Space Butler - Excel Saga


AyaCon 2005




I knew as soon as I saw the Butler I'd have to cosplay him.

He's the don, pure and simple. This costume was held together with Double Sided Tape mostly, and, to be fair, looks that way if you get too close. ALL of the trimmings and extras were Double Sided Tape, only thing actually stitched was the suit itself. I made it in around a week, wig took longest to do. Sadly it was wonky in this pic, when I was wearing it most of the day it was a bit more square on my head. Still, I managed to pull off his moustache-twitching really well, which was a great crowd-pleaser!

This was the only photo I got of the costume, as it was in my Pre-Pyramid Head days when I was actually quite camera-shy.


RanmaSyaoran posted on 11 January, 2009 - 18:51
Haw haw! I love it! XD

Chibi posted on 11 September, 2010 - 01:37
Christ, how did I miss this?? AWESOME

SamanthaKaiba posted on 18 November, 2010 - 03:04
This is awesome well done ^_^