Usopp (Kuro Arc) - One Piece





Blah this was the second cosplay I ever made.. well part made, part bought.

Bandana: I made this 100% myself.. I cut it, dyed it and painstakeingly drew all the bloody black lines on it.

Armband: It's a sock that I fabric painted, cus I'm HARD CORE.

T-shirt: At some point he DOES wear that T-shirt and well.. the dungeries don't cover my boobies too well so I wore it under.. so.

Dungeries: Have you any idea HOW HARD THEY ARE TO FIND?! I managed to find the PERFECT ones and dyed them myself haza!

Shoes: I have new shoes... I do't have very updated pics of my Usopp cosplay.. blah

Bag: A friend made me the PERFECT bag but it's still with my x at the moment.

Nose: Omg when it gets hot the sheer amount of sweat makes me want to die... whenever you looked up it was WHOOOSH ewwww yes.

Wig: It was a crappy afro wig for £1 and it was broken, which was perfect and how I made it so it would fit my real hair under it and become shoulder lengh. I styled it and I think I did a bang up job.

Slingshot: I love 99p stores.


Farfle posted on 22 November, 2007 - 15:48
great usopp costume XDD where did you get your fake nose from? it looks great! =D was just wondering because I was thinking of doing a Mozu (from franky family - one of the afro girls) cosplay with a Franky cosplayer and I need to know where I can get a pointy fake nose x_x

Cybilla Frӓulein ブラックロリータ posted on 29 July, 2012 - 13:06
Brilliant cosplay!