Alto Saotome - Macross Frontier


I have to admit, at first I didn't really think much of the series. As it got more and more popular I did wonder and decide to give it another shot and I guess it grew on me! (The music really helped ohohoho *shot*)

Long blue wig £18
1.5m blue cotton drill £6
7" Jeans zip £1.55
Red tie £3
Black; white; blue; green; yellow felt £3.35
50cm yellow ribbon 21p

Started off with the trousers. I had trouble deciding whether I wanted the trousers to be baggy, flared out at the ends, etc. Due to my indecisiveness these are the oddest pair of trousers I have ever made xD;
I went for baggy in the end to stop faffing about, it's the easiest kind to make anyway!
I never know how to describe the process of making trousers. Honestly I just take a pair of trousers, measure the length of each seam and use logic to pattern out the trousers. And if it needs tweaking then I'll unpick or take it in depending on whether it's too loose or not... So yeah, basically it's just all one big lucky guess when it comes to making trousers! 8D

The shirt was an old old school shirt back from primary/secondary school. It was massive... Literally it was like a sack! I had to take it in at the sides and because there were no seams going down the front I was able to sew the seams on to make it accurate, while they don't show up that well in photos it pleases me!

All the detailing is either felt or cotton drill.
The school patch is all made from felt and fabric glue using a scrap piece of paper as a template (Even with sketching out a template for the aeroplane and stars they still came out spazzed up!! The stars especially XD; ).

The tie is from Primark with ribbon sewn on.

The wig was originally a long wig with the fringe and bangs cut and the rest of it tied up in a ponytail.

Hairtie is a piece of ribbon! 8D Oh so manly~

Overall, because I faffed about with the trousers too much, they're not so comfy xD; However I'm pleased with how they look and it's nice and casual, the shirt I'm especially pleased with! The wig is so nice and silky too~
I look forward to throwing paper aeroplanes everywhere x)

PinkCharlieBear posted on 7 November, 2009 - 19:48
ILOVEYOU -Ahem- I really didnt see this coming. Sweet choice! *kidnaps you*

Dusttee posted on 8 November, 2009 - 00:01
fiiiii~ have my children -shot- i love you so much for doing this *O*

FrankieEstee posted on 8 November, 2009 - 11:26
8DDDD ALTOOOOOOOOOOO~ I can't wait to see you cosplay as him *O*~

WhaleInTheSky posted on 8 November, 2009 - 11:35
8D You'll make such an awesome Alto <3

FrankieEstee posted on 18 December, 2009 - 16:45
I love your wigggg *O*~

PinkCharlieBear posted on 30 March, 2010 - 21:51
HAVE I MENTIONED THAT I LOVE YOU? *O* You make such a fantastic moody princess <3 I am way too excited to do Sheryl with you. DANCE WITH ME ALTO-KUUUUN <3333

CrystalNeko posted on 30 March, 2010 - 22:14
@Charlieface: ILU TOO SHERYL <3 Hell yeah baby, you know I'll dance with you ;D @Everyone else: Thank yooou, I hope I do Alto justice :'D <333

FrankieEstee posted on 31 March, 2010 - 09:05
Don't worry, you do a lot of justice for Alto XD You look sooo cool as him *A*

Freyarule posted on 19 April, 2010 - 12:31
Lol James thought he recognised that character XDDDD

White Tigress posted on 19 April, 2010 - 21:33
WAAAAA!!!! You make a great Alto! We must have a photoshoot someday!

Make hair tie
Modify tie
Make patch
Buy/Style wig
Make trousers
Modify blouse

Total cost: £0.00

1st April 2010

01/04/2010 - DONE! 8D

Hurderpderp, I was going to make the patch yesterday... I couldn't find the white nor black felt though which was kind necessary ;___; So today I went and bought some~ I made a template using scrap paper and transferred it onto the felt separately. I couldn't get a decent reference of the patch so I used a bit of artistic licence with it :'D This took so long X____X It shouldn't take this long... But it did X___X And those stars... Worse stars ever LOL XD I drew it perfectly on paper but when I transferred it over to felt it spazzed up completely xD. I think I'm in need of tiny scissors rather than using my giant ones... Costs: 65p each for the black; white; and blue (got a lighter shade of blue! The ref pic on my phone was too dark XD) Time Taken: 30mins-1hr

31st March 2010

31/03/2010 - Tie and Blouse done

Modified the tie and blouse by sewing on ribbon and glued the felt on (was going to sew the felt on but I was laaaazy) ... Yeah that's it xD; I was going to work on the patch today but couldn't find my pile of felt I usually have which included the white and black felt I needed! I bought yellow, green and blue felt specifically today just to work on this patch! TT_____TT Back to the fabric shop tomorrow... After all that I'm done 8D Costs: Blue; green; yellow felt - £2.10 total 50cm yellow ribbon - 21p (I think I only really used around 30cm though!) Time Taken: 30mins

30th March 2010

30/03/2010 - Almost there! :O

TROUSERS! OMG. I couldn't figure out if Alto had baggy, flared, etc trousers... In the end I went for baggy but not so much. It makes me look fat enough as it is LOL XD; With trousers I never know how to describe the process of how I make them. Because really, I take a pair of my own trousers, measure the length of the seams and then go from there and take it in if need be (Sometimes I get it perfect first some and it doesn't need taking in x) Alto's trousers however... Had to be unpicked and redone around 2-3 times?? I couldn't decide whether I wanted it baggy or not! D: ) I bought a blue zip from Fabric Land and made a little flap to cover it loool (Trousers are funny to make, how mature am I? XD) And for the first time ever, I made pockets!!! Measured the shape of my hand and cut around it to make some kind of oval shape with one straight edge then cut a slit in the seam of the trousers (This is inaccurate, I wasn't looking at the ref pics, DAYUM! I don't want to change it now, it'll look messy =___=) and sewed it on. The blue detail on the shirt is just leftover fabric from the trousers (I bought loads so that I can use it for Simon from Gurren Lagann 8D) All I have left to do is modify the tie, sew on the blue circles onto the blouse and make the school logo for the blouse pocket! Oh yes, and the oh so manly hair tie he has lolol~ ALMOST THERE! 8D Time Taken: 2-3hrs? (I faffed about a lot with those trousers =___=) Costs: 1.5m Blue cotton drill £6 Blue zip £1-2 I think? (Gotta check receipt sometime...) Red tie £3

30th March 2010

30/03/2010 - Blouse detailing =)

La de la de laaa, that shirt was MASSIVE on me. It's like all they did was sew two rectangles together making a SACK! Seriously XD So I modified it, I wasn't originally going to do the seams because most shirts generally have seams going down the front anyway, but this one didn't so I went nuts with the detailing 8D (Well not really, but it's accurate I'll give you that >8D) I also took it in at the sides, it's less sack-y now, yay! ^_^ ---Journal continued in the above---

18th December 2009

18/12/2009 - Wig!

Waheeey, wig was bought about a week ago and came super quick! Styled it couple days later and here's the result : D Pretty basic styling. Fringe and bangs needed to be cut in and then I tied it into a ponytail (thankfully the wig isn't actually all that long so it didn't go SUPAKNOT on me so it was a treat styling this wig!) Only thing I'm going to moan about is that the wig is a bit on the small side for my big fat head =o= Time Taken - 30mins Cost - £18 approx Picture shows a before, after and worn image : D

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