Alice Carroll (Summer Uniform) - ARIA


AmeCon 2008




Worn at AmeCon 2008!

Officially the first costume I made myself! And it's probably one of the better ones I did make. Also the first ARIA group I'd seen in the UK, with Shido as Aika and MrsChumphy as Akari! <3

The dresses for myself and Shido were made together so they matched, and were much better fitted than my first attempt with Akari haha. This time we did the summer capes, which were much lighter and more comfortable than the winter ones, and looked so much better!

That green wig makes me look like I have jaundice, but it was awesome to be part of a group!


Spirit Of The Stage posted on 5 November, 2008 - 17:14
DEKKAI AWESOME! :) Sorry, but about time I finally said thanks for that awesome cosplay, Alice is awesome and you're just as awesome.