Dr. Facilier - Disney's the Princess and the Frog

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So, the film doesn't come out here until February, but I have fallen in love with this delightful creepy charming man via trailers and such.

I am making this based on official promo images, released screen images and the like.

I will be wearing the costume (probably as a female version) when i go to see the movie, I may cosplay at Midlands expo, but I'm not sure if I'll be well enough to go. that's another story.

I will be having props: his cards, skull mask, skull pendent, ID cards and voodoo dolls.. but not to use at the same time.

again I am basing this from any officially realease trailers or images so things might not be too accurate.


ThisIsLisaB posted on 20 December, 2009 - 18:06
This should be great! Really looking forward to this!

Kacela posted on 20 October, 2010 - 19:37
This will be epic!

lilkimmi27 posted on 30 November, 2011 - 23:25
This I want to see!!

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Progress Journal

25 January 2010. (Posted 25th January 2010)

Do not try to use the wrong size sticks for your glue gun...

I now have the right size and have did a tidy up of the hat.

18 January 2010. (Posted 18th January 2010)

I then used Hot Glue, Black Felt (I sent a family member to the shop, but they had no Braize) and Rouge satin.

I just need a feather and after taking a photo I realised the felt needs some more glue - OOPS!

13 January 2010 (Posted 18th January 2010)

Used: Sticky tape, 6x A4 black card, card board pizza base, a dish to draw around and scissors.

I will be covering this with Braize.

P.S, I love how things look really odd or messy when they are in progress. It looks doublt the height in this image hehe

08 January 2010 (Posted 8th January 2010)

I used Skull White and Bleached Bone (Warhammer/Citidal paints) to paint the bones.

Fristly Skull White all over, and then a dry drush of Bleached Bone on the edges and at the top of the bones.

08 January 2010 (Posted 8th January 2010)

Yesterday I made the two bones for his necklace out of clay.

Today I went to work on them and half of the larger bone had fallen off.
I decided to repair it a bit, but it is now smaller than I wanted. I filled in the holes i had made too, and made new holes.

wig? (Posted 4th January 2010)

Would this do for the wig *thinks* Although not sure what it's like at the back.. I think I can sort of curl the front..

http://www.justforfun.co.uk/product/danny-wig-grease/WSM31594/ ??

Other than that, there's Evlis ones around, but they are rubber or too big at the front.
It's also hard to decide as I can only find two shots of this without his hat.. (to the left)

31 December 2009 (Posted 31st December 2009)

Amoung some mess in my livingroom, I saw a cardboard tube of a finished roll of wrapping paper.

PERFECT!! the start of his Cane handle..

I cut all the way down the tube. Held it into the shape needed and used rather a lot of tape to hold it together.

Oh, yeah I would sand down wood but I want to make this as cheap as I can.. so cardboard it is.

30 december 2009 (Posted 30th December 2009)

i made a template for theskull and cross bones, by drawing on paper.
I used my made template to cut the skull and bones out of craft foam.

ready for the hat...

20 December 2009 (Posted 20th December 2009)

I finished the design for Dr Facilier's cards..

They took me 6 hours, and I based them on some official promo images. They didn't show that much detail and as the film isn't released here until February, I had to guess some of it.. So yes, that will be the back of the cards.