Sakura (default costume pink version) - Tsubasa Chronicle




this is my 2nd cosplay. me and my friends decided that we wanted to do a group so we chose tsubasa chronicle! i went as sakura and my two friends went as kurogane and syaoran. it was so much fun! ^_^
it wasnt until halfway through making this costume that i realised how difficult it was to make the top. (note to self - from now on, always but patterns). the top kept falling down all day! i didnt get time to make it right because i left it so late to start making the costume. (darn uni coursework!). the skirt was the easiest bit to make. i used satin material for the colour (its so shiny!!) and the jewles were made from fimo clay, which looked nice but were a little too heavy which i learnt when i was wearing it on the day. i have a lot to learn! my next cosplay will be better.


xEmikox posted on 1 April, 2009 - 18:28
OMG YOU GOT TO MEET VIC O__o SO LUCKY <333 I Cant wait to see u and ur friend