Youji Sagan - Loveless




First ever cosplay I made! I had so much fun being Youji, especially with my friends cosplaying Natsuo and Ritsuka. We even got a couple compliments, hugs and pictures taken. I couldn't have dreamed how awesome it felt to hear people say they like our costumes and "Aww, you guys are so cute!"

Made without any thread...yay sticky ironing stuff. Jeans and undershirt were bought. The ears are awful, I'm remaking them as hairclips instead of headbands. And from this I learned sailor collars = MAJOR PAIN!
And I made both Youji's and Natsuo's outfits so I had to go through them twice T-T But it was well worth it!

Overall, I am very pleased with how this cosplay turned out and I hope I can fix it up a bit and wear it again someday.

Pretty much retired now, I don't have my group anymore and this cosplay's pretty crappy compared to my other stuff, so yeeeeah! xD


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