Nanao Ise - Bleach-Anime/Manga




Ok i like Nanao she makes me smile plus i have her hair and i wear glasses so i don't have to keep taking them off for pictures or mess around with a wig :)

I Have worn this cosplay several times at MCM London as it's comfortable and I like the character XD

I've pretty much bought/borrowed most of the things for this cosplay out of necessity for having her done. I did make the book and long white obi the other things were either bought by myself on the cheap or items were lent to my by my good friends xxx

I'm marking her as complete as I don't think I'll be cosplaying her much anymore except for maybe casual occasions with friends - like my friend's birthday meal where she was in a school uniform!!!

I still love cosplaying her though but after Oct 2010's expo I'll have to re-make the book as it finally died after the millionth time of being dropped/accidentally kicked/shoved in bags and wardrobes etc.....thank you served me well <3


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Progress Journal

1st November 2009

Progress before joining Cosplay Island

Top black gi = 95% done Just need to hem the sleeves and bottom

White top underneath gi = 40% done - the pieces are all cut out and some bits like the sleeves and neckband have been sewn as i did/was planning to just stitch them into the top gi until i had time to make the whole top

Hakama = 10% done - All pieces cut out not sewn at all yet!!!

Obi = 100% done - YAY

Badge sash = 100% done - :)

Badge = 15% done - Have the wood and paint just need to cut and glue and paint on the design

Book = 100% done - Bought a paper machie book from a craft store sealed and painted it with mixed tester pots of paint from local DIY store used a foam roller for the base colour as its given it quite a nice texture then i just marked on and painted in the edging colour. I can also open this book and keep things such as purse, tickets etc inside so i don't lose them when walking around XD

Warji + Tabi (Sandals and socks) = 100% done - I bought them XD hehehe