Shion Sonozaki (School uniform ) - Higurashi no Naku Koro ni KAI




I've wanted to make this costume for a while, It's not really anywhere near the most complicated costume I've made but I'm not really one to care about that. I love the show and I really like the character and with halloween approaching I figured it was an appropriate time to make the costume.

The skirt is the same style of pleated skirt I've worn before and was the most time consuming part of the costume as I had to Iron all of the pleats in. The tie was done by using masking tape and acrylic paint on a piece of grey material and the little badge was made from craft foam and sewn onto the costume.

The wig was bought from an awesome cosplay wig seller on ebay and was very comfortable to wear and in the right colour. I styled the fringe using a pair of scissors and some Dax Wax that's amazing and really keeps in it place, the yellow ribbon is there but you just can't see it on the pictures very well.

The Socks are exactly the same ones I used for my Kairi School uniform, they were similar enough and I've never been able to quite figure out whether Shion's socks are black or navy.

I did have a lot of fun wearing this, it was pretty cool to be noticed as the show isn't massively well known and it was kinda funny when people couldn't figure out whether I was Shion or Mion.


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