Rinoa Heartilly - Final Fantasy VIII


AmeCon 2007

A FFXII tshirt :)




Ok the costume was first put together for the FFXII launch in Oxford Street, but I've also worn it at Amecon 2007.

The boots are the same boots I've used for my Lara Croft cosplay :) which are very handy to have it seems.

The black leggings were from MK One.

The Skirt I picked up in a charity shop :).

The necklace I had bought previously :)

And then finally the Jacket I found on ebay about 4 days before the London event, so I got the lovely lady to post it out as soon as possible with next day delivery so I could then alter it before I had to leave, it's the best and closest looking thing to a cosplay I've bought off ebay so far, ok it has a zip on it which needs to be taken off, but I can't be bothered to fiddle about with it at the moment ^__^


Ichigo-Chan posted on 15 January, 2008 - 14:46
I remember you from the FFXII launch. I just loved the fabric of your duster & arm warmers and your boots were awesome too. Btw, I was the Rinoa who had my photo taken with you ^_^