Lara Croft (Legend outfit) - Tomb Raider Legend


AmeCon 2007




Ok, well it was all fairly simple to put together, I really liked Tomb Raider Legend so I thought I'd have a go at cosplaying as Lara.

The boots I wore I already owned and were given them from my sister, although they aren't exactly like Lara's boots.

The guns are scorpions (ps1 light gun) which I picked up from my local gamestation for 5 quid for the pair, and I just cut off the leads.

The holsters were quite expensive but I managed to find some suitable ones on ebay, was hard finding a left and right though.

The belt, socks and top were from Primark which meant they were super cheap, and I just cut off a bit of the top at the bottom.

The gloves were off ebay and are nice, but a little uncomfortable.

And finally I found the shorts in peacocks on sale for like 5 pounds which was awesome

Then just a little of making my hair look right and that was it :)

I wore it to Amecon 2007 and also the London Film Comic Con 07, it's a fun outfit cos most people can recognise Lara Croft when they see here, heck even Danny Dyer knew I was supposed to be Lara :D


GraceyDarling posted on 28 March, 2008 - 20:03
Lara ^^ we met at the guinness world record event was nice talking to you and you looked amazing =)

TheEmoEmu posted on 3 January, 2011 - 19:41
You make an awesome Lara! ^_^