Dark Link - The Legend of Zelda





Long sleeved black sweatshirt with sleeves cut off and collar altered. A criss cross black lace across a slit through the centre of the collar on the front of approximately 4 inches? ish... Bottom of sweatshirt trimmed and seamed.
Long sleeved black shirt tight fit.
Black finger gloves made of random wool stuff.
Just below the knee black boots.
Black tights thick denier.
The hat I made from one of the detached sleeves. I cut off the cuff and sewed the wrist end of the sleeve up. For the other end I just seamed it and it came out quite well.

I found making it pretty easy it was a last minute thing sicne I was going to my friends 21st birthday party. I always liked the legend of Zelda but I heard there was already going to be a Link there so I decided against being the green garbed hero. However I didn't abandon my plans alltogether and decided to go as his alter ego instead.
It was comfortable and for such a throw together it was a big success. With the time constraints I was however missing a sword and shield so that can go on the to do list for next time.


PapercutPerfect posted on 3 April, 2008 - 23:09
Zomg Dark Link! Awesome!