LeBlanc - FFX-2


AmeCon 2008

3rd Place at Amecon, Best Female - Neo Magazine Oct 08

Showcased 11th December 2011 What is this?


Made from stage satin (apart from the orange lining as it didn't come in the right shade of orange).

The collar was made from a wire frame with some stiff interfacing fabric sandwiched over the top to create the right shape, and then fushia fabric hand sewn over the top. the triangles were then stitched into place, again done by hand. Its then fastened on by 6 poppers, three either side!

The main body is made from three pieces, first a long peice cut into a swimming costume type shape, seams at the shoulders, then two pieces forming the sash across the body. Again triangles were hand stitched into place.

The sleeves had two shoulder pads sewn in the wrong way round (two on each shoulder) to give the right shape. The bottom sleeves were hand stitched with triangles and the lattice work was hand stitched to each half of the sleeve.

The leg straps were made from purple leatherette and added on last. The costume was stuck to me using industrial strength toupee tape! the heart was drawn on with red eyeliner and fixed with cheap hairspray (cheap always works best with this kind of thing)

Shoes: used a cheap pair of court shoes in the right shape, then made giant boot toppers which were stuck to the shoe and elasticated at the top. The blue detailing, just like the sleeves, was again hand stitched.

Gold ankle cuff were made with left over wire and interfacing from the collar and gold silky satin carefully stitched over to give the metallic look.

The fan was made from a large piece of card, some layers of papier mache and some paint! (several paper prototypes were made to get the shape as accurate as possible)

Finally hair ornaments were made from actually chopsticks and two plastic postage tube ends, some card and more papier mache!

This took three months of solid work (due to lack of job this was possible) and all bar two or three seams was hand stitched to make it look as shiny as possible!

I love this and intend to wear her a lot!

Professional photos will be added soon

perfectly_purple posted on 14 January, 2008 - 21:51
Wow! That's gonna be an impressive costume! I thought about it but was a bit intimidated by the ahem gaping chest bit. Lol. Good luck!!! ^_^

PinkCharlieBear posted on 19 January, 2008 - 15:36
Someones finally gets round to cosplaying LeBlanc! [She's so under done, though I could understand why XDD] This would be awesome to see, and I wish you much, much luck! X3

caylithe posted on 22 January, 2008 - 11:47
haha I can't wait to see you pull this off!! I will have to get out Yuna for a few pictures together! And then I'll just laugh at you some more xD <3

GunstarVixen posted on 22 January, 2008 - 18:24
yeah thanks Caylithe, love you too!

Tak posted on 10 May, 2008 - 17:07
My favourite character from that game, you'll have so much fun being incredibly pink and doing the laugh I'm sure. Good luck and cannot wait to see it <3

BlusterSquall posted on 11 June, 2008 - 21:24
*giggles* I can't wait to see this completed~! Its already looking great! x)

Anonymous posted on 11 June, 2008 - 22:33
Will be interested to see how it turns out, always liked her outfit. ^_^

GraceyDarling posted on 11 June, 2008 - 23:03
omg i cant wait to see this :) <3 LeBlanc ^_^

Tofu posted on 15 June, 2008 - 13:47
Ah thats going to look fantstic! Just don't forget the tit tape! I needed a ton of it to secure my Paine lady luck costume and ensure no embarrassing breast escapes ^^;;;

HelloKitty posted on 16 June, 2008 - 07:39
i love the design of this outfit even tho i dont know the charicter, i love the progress shots too, its coming on really well, spot on fabric match! what does she have in her hand?? i cant decide if its a fan or not.... i look forward to seeing it at ame tho

BlusterSquall posted on 25 June, 2008 - 17:36
Looking great! I love how the collar has turned out! :D

Tak posted on 25 June, 2008 - 17:37
Collar is looking really awesome.

Anonymous posted on 25 June, 2008 - 17:50
Yay on collar progress! *bounces and waits to see the rest*

Defrain posted on 25 June, 2008 - 19:01
please say your wear that at october expo aswell ill have my nooj will be epic if u do loving the costume

Sweeturk posted on 27 June, 2008 - 21:26
omg that costume looks so awesome =D

MoonLily posted on 27 June, 2008 - 22:27
Oooo! I can't wait to see this at amecon! You don't get many LeBlanc cosplayers. ^_^

timpey posted on 27 June, 2008 - 22:39
wow, your really good at cosplaying, that looks amazing. i cant wait to see how it all looks together, great job ^^

ryaoki posted on 28 June, 2008 - 10:07
TOTALLY.....FUCKING.....AMAZING i love it alot hun, gah u have to give me advice sometime lmao

Mungojerrie posted on 29 June, 2008 - 21:23
Wow, this is looking pretty awesome! Can't wait to see it finished!

Relion posted on 29 June, 2008 - 22:05
It looks SOOO awesome! I'll be getting a picture, I love LeBlanc!

UnaSpi posted on 30 June, 2008 - 14:55
Wow, this is looking wicked so far! :D

Sands posted on 1 July, 2008 - 11:10
your my hero for doing this! iv always wanted to see a leblanc! and yours looks amazing, and you youv made it so quickly as well! kudos to this, cant wait to see it at ame =]

Rich29 posted on 9 July, 2008 - 18:47
Thats looking like an awesome outfit

timpey posted on 9 July, 2008 - 21:19
i continue to be impressed, its really looking amazing. hopefully i'll see yuna giving u a massage ^^

White Leviathan posted on 5 August, 2008 - 20:47
Just yes never seen anyone doing LeBlanc look forward to seeing it in person!

Defrain posted on 5 August, 2008 - 21:16
pushing nooj back to may probly to make room for jecht you up for shoot some time ?

PapercutPerfect posted on 5 August, 2008 - 21:20
Wow, this is going to look so epic! Already looking awesome, can't wait to see it done!

Tak posted on 6 August, 2008 - 01:56
I hope you wear this to a few events, I'd love to see it in person. I can't wait to see the whole thing completed in pictures. She's possibly my all time favourite FF female.

Anonymous posted on 11 August, 2008 - 14:49
Congratulations on this. You looked fantastic and the prize was well earned. I loved the picture they took of you at competition.

GraceyDarling posted on 11 August, 2008 - 19:00
OMG you look so amazing x_x i wish i could have seen this in person your the best leblanc ever =)

nanahara posted on 11 August, 2008 - 19:31
you look so awsome, wish I could have been at amecon to see this

Defrain posted on 11 August, 2008 - 19:40
it was great meeting you in person your cosplay was amazin congrats on yor prize aswell also your not a bad lil singer in the skits if it was you on stage lol

Sweeturk posted on 11 August, 2008 - 21:40
ahh wish i went anecon to see this, u make an awesome leblanc =D

timpey posted on 12 August, 2008 - 18:08
that was such a well made costume and quite revealing to ^^ hehe but you got into character very well. your a perfect le blanc

airyfairy posted on 14 August, 2008 - 22:07
oooo I remember you from the masquerade bakc stage, very smexy heheheh!

Anonymous posted on 14 August, 2008 - 22:44
well if you've got it flaunt it ^^ you looked amazing, it has to be said again

CrystalNeko posted on 16 August, 2008 - 21:08
Ahh wow, your so brave!! You make such an awesome LeBlanc! Never imaged this character would ever get cosplayed! Yay for obscure FF cosplays!

Anonymous posted on 20 August, 2008 - 23:45
This is stunning - really makes me wish I could have been at Amecon!

Anonymous posted on 30 August, 2008 - 00:14
this was one awesome costume!!!!! loved it to bits!!!! you suited her so well!!!! everything was so accurate!!!! i was surprised that you werent cold lol ... or were you o_O im so glad i got to see this XD and hope to see this again sometime!!!

Anime_Angel posted on 4 September, 2008 - 20:05
This costume is excelent^_^

... posted on 6 September, 2008 - 16:46
awwh I rememebr seeing you at ame! You were awesome! Best LeBlanc. You look so much like her! x

Anonymous posted on 19 September, 2008 - 13:17
This was amazing - you look so much like the LeBlanc it's scary! Nice to meet you at Ame, by the way =^_^=

MattDark posted on 11 October, 2008 - 07:29
"Industrial strength toupee tape!" Im guessing that was chosen because of strength, Im just wondering if that would have hart at all when it came to taking it off.

Mangamad posted on 14 October, 2008 - 00:40
Must be the braves and near revealing cosplay I've seen up to date... but I'm not here to say that. Coolness cosplay of LeBlanc. ^o^b

Haynes84 posted on 22 October, 2008 - 20:55
one mega awesome cosutme i has u on my facebook :P http://www.facebook.com/album.php?page=2&aid=52281&id=515549883#/photo.php?pid=1217908&id=515549883

JakeX posted on 27 October, 2008 - 20:41
LOL You def have the mens vote on Popular cosplays xDD Tho it was well made xD The skills *high 5*

sonia_leong posted on 4 November, 2008 - 14:04
Just wanted to add to the fangirling over your costume, you look absolutely PERFECT.

MangaChild posted on 4 December, 2008 - 11:52
This whole costume is FANNNN-TASTIC..... no pun intended, well maybe a little Anyway you own this costume 100% Accurate detail well done and congrats on many awards :D

1000014 posted on 12 December, 2008 - 04:03
I remeber seeing this was amazing.

Frainc posted on 21 December, 2008 - 11:28
You Owned As LeBlanc This Is Such An Epic Cosplay

Captain_Marvelous posted on 13 January, 2009 - 13:05
very difficult to pull off.....You did it amazingly ^.^ your one of the cosplays that people i.e me darent go over and say hi to ^.^ really radiant outfit, like a live action pull from final fantasy 10-2 dress up dolls :)

Sephirayne posted on 20 January, 2009 - 07:31
Awesome costume. You looked so perfect as LeBlanc. Excellent work you got everyone spot on. A stunning costume. I bow down to you.

Anonymous posted on 4 March, 2009 - 20:44
You make the best LeBlanc EVER you look just like her. Great costume it has lots of detail which looks perfect ^^

Wildeth posted on 8 March, 2009 - 18:15
So gorgeous >w<

Uni posted on 17 March, 2009 - 11:57
smex tastic pictures! >: D

Anonymous posted on 19 March, 2009 - 22:11
Most awesomest LeBlanc ever ^^

Kannacchi posted on 24 November, 2009 - 20:18
This is amazing =o

Zelda posted on 4 January, 2010 - 22:25
Your def the best leblanc cosplayer i have ever seen ^^, I love this so much.

DefineImagineMJ posted on 29 January, 2010 - 20:58
You won the DigViz competition right? Was that at London Expo in October 2008? If so I saw you a couple of times then. Absolutely F.....lipping fantastic.

GunstarVixen posted on 1 February, 2010 - 11:34
Yup that was me! I wore here at that expo and at Amecon 2008 too!

leumas posted on 28 February, 2010 - 23:38
Oooo leblanc! Can I give you a massage? I'm finally playing FFX-2 just got past that bit.People always put me off playing it by saying it was a rubbish game but I'm quite enjoying it.Saw you in the Cosplay Fever book today.You make an awesome Leblanc.Were you cold?

DuskatNight posted on 13 September, 2010 - 00:41
Woah thats really impressive! You've done a really great job on this costume!

RebaSephiroth2 posted on 11 December, 2011 - 16:37
What a great choice of cosplay, I love it. ^___________^

Sephirayne posted on 11 December, 2011 - 16:56
Amazing costume, One of my favourites if yours. Congrats on the showcase :D

Manticore Arts posted on 12 December, 2011 - 16:25
Just Stunning the Very Incarnation of LeBlanc! god this outfit is amazing! Well done to you love!

Joshua posted on 13 December, 2011 - 19:41
Excellent cossy, and thanks for posting construction details. Always good to see how something is done. And again, a stunner of a cosplay!

JWBeyond posted on 14 December, 2011 - 02:16
You do look Amazing! Are you on DeviantArt?

BakaRinoa posted on 14 December, 2011 - 22:27
You're stunning! O_O

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