Sho Minamimoto - The World Ends With You (Subarashi Kono Sekai)

In Progress




KamikazePenguin posted on 14 October, 2009 - 16:41
WIN! You'll make such a epic Sho!! :D

Zehphir posted on 14 October, 2009 - 19:33
Oh my, I hope so 8o

Charlie-Bear posted on 29 October, 2009 - 23:07
YOOOOU!!! My Lady ;D I WANT TO SEE THIS SOON! Sho is freakin' AWESOME <3 This will suit you SO much O_O;

Zehphir posted on 30 October, 2009 - 15:08
LOL MY GENTLEMAN 8D Hm...I hope so, i'm worrying it won't T_T thing is I want a COOL TWEWY group, not an evil one sooooo yeaah xD

Charlie-Bear posted on 30 October, 2009 - 16:40
Nah dude you'll totally nail him. Honestly you've got nothing to worry about!! =] (Gimmie a buzz if you're putting a TWEWY group together, I'm up for doing almost any of them) <3 Anyway I'm going now so I dont spam your cosplay anymore 8D;;;

Zehphir posted on 31 October, 2009 - 13:13
xD Alrightie, will do ^^