Onion Knight - Final Fantasy (III/3) Dissidia


Amecon 2010


Because I love FF:3 And I really like Onion Knight in Dissidia. Yeah, he's a bit of a brat at first, but I can't help but like him! XD (I think it has something to do with those adorably cute puffy shorts!!!)

I wish I could wear the outfit for longer. But due to rain and general exhaustion I decided to take the cosplay off at about 4 o'clock. I got some lovely pictures though (and some silly ones) so we shall have a look at them. Though everyone was kind enough to say they liked the outfit, I had so much fun with the Dissidia shoot!

(Also Much thanks to Nert for him taking photos of the Dissidia group too and putting up with us all flailing at the wasps buzzing about!)

Uni posted on 13 October, 2009 - 00:59
Damn~ That's gorgeous!

Anonymous posted on 13 October, 2009 - 01:02
omg, good luck with this.

Emzone posted on 13 October, 2009 - 01:25
Wow goodluck with this~!

BlusterSquall posted on 13 October, 2009 - 10:10
Ah~ Cute~ I <3 Onion Knight! Good luck! ^__^

Lady Bahamut posted on 13 October, 2009 - 12:39
Good luck with him! I adore the Onion Knight :D

Shenny posted on 13 October, 2009 - 12:59
<3 <3 Now to plan Firion :D

Anonymous posted on 2 November, 2009 - 20:40
Onion Knight is awesome, I'm more of a Bartz player though. Wind Shear FTW! Good Luck!

Nocturnal Blossom posted on 22 November, 2009 - 14:46
Dude. What IS that? THAT is some blingin couture!

Sephirayne posted on 9 February, 2010 - 22:09
So looking forward to seeing this and the Dissidia group. We are so going to rock. XX

Zelda posted on 10 February, 2010 - 10:51
Yay for the dissidia group =D! I can't wait to see this ^^.

FusionRose posted on 9 May, 2010 - 14:25
Can't wait to see this =D

BlusterSquall posted on 13 July, 2010 - 01:43
My little Knight! Lots of Terra squishing Onion Knight photos I think. XP

Sephirayne posted on 18 July, 2010 - 01:06
Yay! For sword making! So looking forward to seeing this.

Defrain posted on 6 August, 2010 - 13:03
gunna rock at ame

BlusterSquall posted on 19 August, 2010 - 11:50
You were SO cute!! LOVE. <3

Limegreenjelly posted on 19 August, 2010 - 16:15
I like your onion knight its really good ^^ *thumbs up*

eternal_aranel posted on 20 August, 2010 - 01:54
Awesome :D

GAINAX posted on 21 August, 2010 - 17:56
This costume was awesome! :D Really hope you'll join our group for Expo! ^^

PinkCharlieBear posted on 2 September, 2010 - 01:20
I love this! You are so cuuute~:D The helmet is brilliant aswell 8D

Dusttee posted on 2 September, 2010 - 12:26
You look awesome and so cute! Really good job

Sephirayne posted on 4 January, 2011 - 08:02
This was so epic to see in person. You made such a brill Onion Knight. Many good times with the photo poses XD

Shoulder and Chest Armour
Wrist Guards
Waist Sash-things

Total cost: £0.00

18th July 2010


I have never ventured into the world of dye before now. I figured I should learn it and give it a go and it seemed surprisingly easy! It wasn't for anything difficult admittedly, but even so I'm quite pleased with it! I feel really happy that I can do it in the future too now ahaha! :D I'll put photos up when I've finished the waist-skirt-sash-things. Shouldn't take too long I'm sure :)

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