Onion Knight
Final Fantasy (III/3) Dissidia

Cosplayer: Monkey

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Amecon 2010

18th July 2010: Dying I have never ventured into the world of dye before now. I figured I should learn it and give it a go and it seemed surprisingly easy! It wasn't for anything difficult admittedly, but even so I'm quite pleased with it! I feel really happy that I can do it in the future too now ahaha! :D

I'll put photos up when I've finished the waist-skirt-sash-things. Shouldn't take too long I'm sure :)

Uni avatar

Uni - 13th October 2009
Damn~ That's gorgeous!

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 13th October 2009
omg, good luck with this.

Emzone avatar

Emzone - 13th October 2009
Wow goodluck with this~!

BlusterSquall avatar

BlusterSquall - 13th October 2009
Ah~ Cute~ I <3 Onion Knight! Good luck! ^__^

Lady Bahamut avatar

Lady Bahamut - 13th October 2009
Good luck with him! I adore the Onion Knight :D

Shenny avatar

Shenny - 13th October 2009
<3 <3 Now to plan Firion :D

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 2nd November 2009
Onion Knight is awesome, I'm more of a Bartz player though. Wind Shear FTW!
Good Luck!

Nocturnal Blossom avatar

Nocturnal Blossom - 22nd November 2009
Dude. What IS that? THAT is some blingin couture!

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 9th February 2010
So looking forward to seeing this and the Dissidia group. We are so going to rock. XX

Zelda avatar

Zelda - 10th February 2010
Yay for the dissidia group =D! I can't wait to see this ^^.

FusionRose avatar

FusionRose - 9th May 2010
Can't wait to see this =D

BlusterSquall avatar

BlusterSquall - 13th July 2010
My little Knight! Lots of Terra squishing Onion Knight photos I think. XP

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 18th July 2010
Yay! For sword making! So looking forward to seeing this.

Defrain avatar

Defrain - 6th August 2010
gunna rock at ame

BlusterSquall avatar

BlusterSquall - 19th August 2010
You were SO cute!! LOVE. <3

Limegreenjelly avatar

Limegreenjelly - 19th August 2010
I like your onion knight its really good ^^ *thumbs up*

eternal_aranel avatar

eternal_aranel - 20th August 2010
Awesome :D

GAINAX avatar

GAINAX - 21st August 2010
This costume was awesome! :D Really hope you'll join our group for Expo! ^^

PinkCharlieBear avatar

PinkCharlieBear - 2nd September 2010
I love this! You are so cuuute~:D
The helmet is brilliant aswell 8D

Dusttee avatar

Dusttee - 2nd September 2010
You look awesome and so cute!
Really good job

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 4th January 2011
This was so epic to see in person. You made such a brill Onion Knight.

Many good times with the photo poses XD