Lady Sylvanas Windrunner (Burning Crusade, Red cape and armour) - World of Warcraft





This will be the most difficult costume for me to date. I've never made armour before so it should be interesting. The red, hood cape aspect should be simplest part...should. I have seen an awesome cosplay of her in all black cape and armour, but I'd prefer to stick to what you see in the Undercity. I will make a few alterations. With the hair colour I'm going white rather than blonde. I feel it will bring the banshee side across more. With the skin colour I won't be doing full on light blue as I'd like it to be a bit realistic so at the moment I'm going to be experimenting with different pale blues and skin death like colours. I'm not sure what material to use for the armour. I'm gonna be browsing though youtube and various blogs to get an idea. If anyone has any ideas on what to use then please feel free to comment.


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