Ichigo Kurosaki (Normal Shinigami uniform / Captains robe) - Bleach


Kitacon 2009


So yea i wanted to cosplay bleach, and this was the only option available tome for kita 09 xD Not that i mind, i like ichigo ^^ The wig wasn't great, and if i cosplay ichigo again i'lll allmost definatly be replacing it. I had a crazy idea in my head it would be awesome to add in a captains robe whichi i'd previously gotten for ukitake cosplay, and it turned out to be incorrect >> *short sleeves, ukitakes has long sleeves >>'* But i had fun in it, and its pretty much my best cosplay to date, though walking around in the sandals was a bit wierd on my feet xD

And yea, non of the pthot's were taken by me, if you took any of them, tell me on here and i'll credit you :3

nanahara posted on 11 October, 2009 - 08:45
you did well as our Ichigo at Kita ^^. That group was great fun XD

eternal_aranel posted on 11 October, 2009 - 20:13
Ooo!! Awesome! ^^ Nice to see ya on CI

Broseidon posted on 11 October, 2009 - 20:50
Thanks guys xD Wow you found me easily! xD

Anonymous posted on 13 October, 2009 - 20:26
Epic time as Kita =D Nice to see these up =D

InfiniteJester posted on 13 March, 2010 - 17:51
warren!!! remember me!?

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