Otomiya Haine
Gentlemen's Alliance / Shinshi Doumei Cross

Cosplayer: CrystalNeko

Variant: Platinum Rose balldress

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

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10th May 2009: 09/05/2009 - Bodice complete! The bodice sucks so badly, if I haven't lost the will the live then I may tidy it up BUT IT WILL DO FOR NOW AND THAT'S THAT! Working on cosplay all day seriously does make you lose the will to live X_x

So anyway I've worked long and hard on the bodice, for some reason I couldn't make it properly >_<; In the end it's so short! Luckily the skirt comes up to the waist anyway which hides the bodice's shortness!

Since I made the necklace this morning I've added one of the ribbon things on the bodice. Made from two pieces of ribbon, which were attached to chains I nicked from the necklace decoration and threaded pearls onto using beading wire.

No this is not what the costume will look like! It will be much neater, I pretty much threw on the costume quickly, took out camera without bothering to look at how bad the dress looked, took pictures out of excitement and took it off because I was dying in that costume D8 Excuse the washing basket eheh heh...

So this is what it looks like so far par the wig. [Lost my wig cap and wig is upstairs, too lazy to run upstairs in a hoop skirt!] The skirt needs to be sewed onto the bodice so that the elastic doesn't show [the elastic is mainly there so that it doesn't pull the bodice down too much - it gives it a gathered look but not a very nice gathered look in my opinion!] Then I need to double layer the bodice and insert boning in it. Finally I need to attach another pair of straps, attach the pearls on [I was holding them if you couldn't notice] and finally sew on the roses! [WHICH HAVE YET TO ARRIVE IN THE POST! HURRY UP D8]

Time Taken - I don't know anymore >_<; I'll estimate another 1hr or two.

9th May 2009: 09/05/2009 - Necklace! Muwa ha ha haaa, I have defeated you evil necklace of doom!

I thought this would be a nice easy job, taking away all the accessories on the necklace and threading the pearls through the chain and using hot glue to keep it in place. Guess what? THE PEARLS WERE TOO SMALL TO THREAD THROUGH THE CHAIN >8O
This made my task much much harder and in the process, gave me back ache from being hunched over for ages xD

So I began by removing the random tangly bit of the necklace leaving me with the chain only. I had already made the silver sphere thing from model magic so I used beading wire to attach it onto the chain. After marking out where I wanr each pearl I began painfully threading each pearl onto the chain using beading wire. Believe me it took me ages because I had to make four knots on each pearl so that I know for sure that they're secure and won't fall off.

For the added chain the decoration had several chains for me to strip - so I ran around the house looking for tools and stripped apart the chain and attached that onto the necklace with beading wire!

It took a lot of hard work, but it was worth the effort. It would've been so much more accurate if the beads were threaded through... but it's better than making a necklace out of beading wire LOL!

Necklace base - £1.50

Time Taken: I'd say well over an hour but less than two.. so 1-2hrs xD

9th May 2009: 08/05/2009 - PEARLS! *chugs tea for more caffeine*

It took me *looks at clock* around 2-3hrs, but I got there eventually X_x
After threading around 425 beads I'm finally done, yes - I had to thread 425 single handedly, BELIEVE ME IT WAS HARD WORK! *twitch*

At first it stressed me out, after a while believe it or not but it became strangely relaxing and enjoyable - perhaps because I was watching some good ol' Bleach at the same time! Until when I was trying on the shorter bead I dropped it and half the beads fell off. So I had to pick up the 100 scattered pearls on the floor and re-thread them. There was another case of me holding the thread in my mouth, I looked up something on the internet, forgot I had the thread in my mouth and opened my mouth to breathe and scattered beads across the table/floor again >_>;

I was not amused with my stupid mistakes! BUT I GOT THERE EVENTUALLY! >8D IN YOUR FACE! I would've gone for the manga version, but I couldn't figure out where the other short beads were attached to! THOSE BACK REFERENCES ARE USELESS! OI HAINE! WHY ISN'T YOUR HAIR IS MORE WINDSWEPT WHEN YOU RUN SO THAT I CAN SEE THE BACK OF YOUR DRESS DAMN YOU >8O To prevent a few headaches I decided to just stick to the coloured ref 8D; But now I have... 375 pearls left over... I CAN USE THEM FOR ANOTHER MITSUKI COSPLAY! |D *slaps self* finish Haine first >_>

If you haven't guessed threading all these pearls have turned me into the crazy pearl lady.

Time Taken - 2-3hrs
P.S. Couldn't be bothered to wear the whole outfit, however I needed to wear the hoop skirt at least otherwise the pearls would've looked sucky xP
P.S.S. Heeey my hair's already grown back to Haine length again 8D, I never notice how long my hair gets until I actually take a photo O_o

6th May 2009: 05/05/2009 - Accessories Oh shoot, just when I thought I had bought everything I needed and didn't think I'd have to spend anymore money... I STILL HAVE TO BUY NECKLACES XD;

Random notes in this journal basically~
Half of the bodice is done. I discovered with a bit of experimenting that the fabric I'm using works in the same way as ribbons do - you can light the ends with FIRE and it prevents fraying! So I can get that lovely effect Haine's bodice has without evil/bad hemming ^_^ I love you fabric <3

Took me months to find some. In the end I spent a few days looking for roses everyday for quite some time and found the perfect size/colour! Comes in a pack of 12 - reason why it took so long was because I was looking for cheaper options, seems like that's not happening ='/

I don't have the time to faff about with making gloves right now. So I'm risking buying some on eBay which are 22" long which is pretty much what I need and pray with all my might that they fit me ROFL! If not then I'll practise the piano and violin for 2hrs every day to get piano fingers LOL [I'm joking - I'd die if I practised that much D8]

I made the circular thing ages ago when I was making my Garnet crown. I still need to paint it!! But that's done at least, just have to buy a chain from Primark. However the other accessories such as the pearly necklaces and upside down cross I still need! I have the pearls to thread onto chains. Need a trip to either Primark or Claires for a cross necklace to destroy. Bye bye money >_<;

Gloves - £4.15
Roses - £9.49
3m Blue ribbon - £1.95


14th April 2009: 13/04/2009 - RIBBONS! Okay I would have just done one whole journal if I knew I would be working solidly haha! Yay! Blue ribbon is all done and added! However in the coloured version she has TWO long ribbons rather than the one I have... I would've done two but I ran out 8D;

Now that the costume's coming together nicely I'm starting to love this costume ^_^ Few months back I hated it because it was going badly XD; MUST FIND SOME PINK ROSES SOMETIME FOR THE FINISHING TOUCHES!

Ahhh... now bedtime x]

Time taken - 30mins

14th April 2009: 13/04/2009 - Blue underskirt done! This took long enough, decided the fabric was WAY too shiny so I used the matte underside which still has a bit of shimmer to it - a nice kind of shimmer... kinda like glitter! ^_^ I like it and it's a lighter colour which is more accurate =]

This meant... that I had to unpick EVERY stitch in the freakin' skirt and sew it back up again LOL. But I didn't mind, it looks so much neater and worth the hassle, despite how angry I got 8D

I hemmed it as well, if I have time I might fix the train... I wanted to get it shaped like Haine's but it doesn't look right IRL so I'll change it back to a curved train to match the white train, but otherwise YAY it's done! ^-^

One thing I have to complain about is that the blue underskirt only JUST fits over my hips! I have to squeeze in loads to pull it up xD, although I can still pull it over my head effortlessly, so when I can be bothered I always put it on through the head since it's easier haha! Hey good thing is it doesn't need elastic to hold up since it sits on my hips xD

Time taken - probably about 1.5hrs

13th April 2009: 13/04/2009 - White skirt done! Wow, long time no update! I've been so busy trying to get the bare bones of Garnet done that I've neglected Haine [partly because Haine's dress made me angry because it gave me SO much trouble... and it still is 8D;]

So basically I neatened the skirt up a bit, it's now smaller and fits me better, sewed on some elastic as well to gather it at the top ready to attach it onto the bodice. The bottom is hemmed which gave me much trouble! Honestly if you see me do not look at the bottom, IT IS HORRENDOUS! I'm too much of a n00b to fix it as well 8D;

I arranged the fold as well [like I said in the previous photo is was pinned, I finally found an arrangement that I could be happy with ^_^]

I have all the pearls ready, plus clear non-stretch beading wire ready to string the pearls. Just need to buy some pink roses from Poundland [or any other shop which sells plastic flowers...] and attach them onto the skirt ^_^

I'd do the pearly bits now BUT I need a zip for the bodice otherwise I can't try it on D'8 Izzy's buying it for me tomorrow though, still I won't get the zip till I see her at school Monday D'8

The skirt's inaccurate I know, it has a little train at the back when it's not supposed to... but I liked it and wanted to keep it in 8'D Once I fix the blue underskirt I'll see whether or not I need to shorten the white skirt or not~

Time Taken - 1hr probably... hemming 5m of fabric is NOT fun! D8
P.S. yes it's supposed to show the hoop skirt underneath, there will be blue underneath... I'm redoing the blue underskirt though so I can't wear it ^^;

1st February 2009: 01/02/2009 - Wig styled! Hurrah! This took longer than I anticipated, and it's strangely fustrating but fun at the same time [yay for unintentional alliteration xD]. Some of the pompoms are a bit loose though so I'll need to secure them better, I need to hide the grips somehow as well... I might literally sew the curls on if I can't find a way of hiding the grips but for now... I'll leave it ^_^ I have till May so it should be alright =]

Time Taken - 1hr+
P.S. The wig looks dark brown but that's because of the lighting. My first shot of the wig is a more accurate colour and even then it looks different in real life!
P.S.S. Many thanks to Special Pleb who got me 30 pompoms! Although I only used 9 for my wig there will be 21 more on my dress, I could just pluck one off and replace it on my wig if one falls off LOL. Gotta love Hobbycraft for supplying the most random things 8D

30th January 2009: 30/01/2009 - Wig arrived! Well it's about time! I ordered it back in November, had a few issues but finally the seller has sent it to me to the right address ^_^

Unfortunately... it doesn't look like how it does in the pictures >_< But meh I'm alright with it =] I shall style this after my Midlands cosplay ^_^

3rd January 2009: 03/01/2009 - Overskirt 90% Almost finished the overskirt! Just need to hem it and add in the folds [the folds in the picture are a test and pinned into place, yeaaah I need to make the folds better before I actually sew them into place 8D;]

What a failure I am, last night it took me around 5hrs altogether to cut out 4 little panels LOL! No joking, everytime I cut out a panel I just went off somewhere, piano, computer, I dunno and left it until hours later where I started the next panel... and the process carried on that way until I got 4 panels xD; Obviously it didn't take that long to sew!

I should've taken a picture of the overskirt flat but didn't want to take the pins out in case I lose them 8'D so yeaaaah it looks pretty horrid right now but it'll get better as I progress 8'D

Time Taken - 1hr

10th December 2008: 10/12/2008 - Underskirt 90% Almost done with the underskirt! I kinda went OTT with the train and it stretches 2m long. Yeaaaah I'm gonna shorten it a bit xD; [But long trains are fun! If only it were accurate *mopes*] After I shorten the train I have to hem it all, too much fabric D'8

I was going to make the white dress today as well but procrastination took over and I have coursework to do, darnit xD Next time!

Time taken: 30mins

26th November 2008: 26/11/2008 - Underskirt 60% YAAAY, finally get to work on this cosplay! And I already regret it LOL! Working with measurements is a tiring job, for me anyway. The fabric I've used hates flash because it looks hideously shiny with flash, but looks alright otherwise ^_^ It feels so soft and is nice and light and floaty! Hopefully I won't overheat, yaay 8D

I admit I've only done 3 panels so far, I can't be bothered to figure out the measurements for the final panel because I want an uber long train [God knows how Haine can dance in the dress but hey, that's manga for you!]. I love prancing about in this hoop skirt, why didn't I get one sooner!? 8D

Time taken: 40mins

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Anonymous - 13th January 2008
woo your gonna do haine!! well theres a 25% chance you will anyways XP

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Anonymous - 13th January 2008
Wow! The design is beautiful! Really looking forward to seeing this in real XD

Good luck with your material hunting!

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PinkCharlieBear - 23rd January 2008
I love this part in the manga, Haine looks wonderful and I know for a fact if anyone can pull it off it's you! Good luck Riku! You'll do an awesome job!! =D

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stripey_dani - 22nd March 2008
That dress is gorgeous! *droolage*

I must find an insane ballgown to make sometime...

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Ichigo-Chan - 3rd January 2009
The skirt is looking so gorgeous.
Looking forward seeing this costume finished

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PinkCharlieBear - 24th January 2009
You're skirt is looking so amazing, Fi you'll be so pretty in this!! x3

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White Tigress - 31st January 2009
I know this is going to look awesome when this is done! Can't wait!

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hakuloveszabuza - 7th February 2009
This is going to be so beautiful when it is done ^^

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Amy-Lou - 17th February 2009
Oh wow, this is looking wonderful so far. Look forward to seeing the finished thing. More Haine <3

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Anonymous - 5th March 2009
I seriously can't wait to see your Ball Gown Haine >///< So far it looks amazing!

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Anonymous - 14th April 2009
From your progress pictures, it looks amazing so far *o*
*Will be hunting for you xD*

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goodbyeworld - 28th April 2009
This is looking amazing! *¬*

And thanks for the comment on soul.. YOU CAN HAVE THE DEVIL.. HE SCARES THE HELL OUT OF ME xD

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Freyarule - 7th May 2009
Yikes! Your journal scares me with the disappearance of money!! D8

But then again, my Freya is quite expensive, due to all the paint and stuff...well, combined I've spent the good side of £50 on both cosplays! EEE DX

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goodbyeworld - 10th May 2009
*0* This looks FANTASTIC!!

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PinkCharlieBear - 10th May 2009
Good lord woman you're looking fab! *_* Super duper pretty, it's amazing! <3

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Anonymous - 10th May 2009
You look stunning in this
It's amazing *o*

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Littlerascal92 - 10th May 2009
Such a pretty costume, you look amazing in it x ^^ x

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Solaria - 13th May 2009
Kyaa *3*
So beautiful! I love this dress and you look so stunning in it x3

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Limegreenjelly - 25th May 2009
Looking fabulous, I didnt see you :( but its one beautiful dress ^^

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Mungojerrie - 25th May 2009
This is so cute Fi! I love it and you look so good! :)

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Freyarule - 25th May 2009
Yay Fifi! I loved yours :3 You made such a great effort despite the annoying safety pin incident! >_<

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MoonLily - 25th May 2009
Oh my...I walked past this and was like ':O! That is STUNNING!' And didn't even realise it was you! Looool. XD Beautiful work!

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Brinny-Chan - 25th May 2009
Its goooorgeous!!!!!

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Lady Bahamut - 25th May 2009
Woah, you look amazing!!! O_O

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Ichigo-Chan - 26th May 2009
I already comment on DA, but it doesn't hurt to comment again?
This is my favourite costume you've made, I especially love the poofy-ness of the skirt.

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Amy-Lou - 27th May 2009
So pretty!! I wish I'd gone on Sunday, beautiful dress and I really love the fluffy balls in your hair :D

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Ranma1-2 - 27th May 2009
wow you looked so beautiful! I was just a bit worried cos you were sitting on the floor a lot (sweet pose btw). ..Hope your lovely dress didn't get dirty.

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Anonymous - 28th May 2009
Such a beautiful dress!

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sonia_leong - 30th May 2009
You looked sooooo lovely ♥

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gaming_goddess - 3rd December 2009
ahh your version is so cute! I love the supa sized pom-poms! I could only find little ones :P The photos look lovely!