Artemis Grey (Full moon ) - Original Design


Made a child cry instantly. I got told that won me a prize.




Artemis Grey is a Werewolf Tailor and owner of the store "Wolf Wear".

He specilises in men's suits, specifically for the taller and larger gentleman or creature.

Artemis stays in his feral state constantly due to his moonium pendant. This he developed as he found if he lost his temper (or other certain emotions occurred) he would transform, bursting the seams and wrecking any clothing he was wearing, leaving him naked when he calmed down.

To prevent this he stays transformed all the time, only taking the pendant off at night. During the times of the full moon he becomes slightly bulkier, but this is predictable and he can just wear his larger outfits.

He lost his jaw in a terribly mysterious accident, the details of which no one knows. When asked, his explination is: "I bit off more than I could chew."

Wore this to RBW. I was going to wear it to the cosplay ball but I found the head too uncomfortable.


kiichan posted on 9 October, 2009 - 21:32
Ooooh he looks dapper! :D

Sephirayne posted on 12 October, 2009 - 21:04
Love the design. Love how the character sounds. Good luck XXX I'm sure he'll turn out epic.

Eatmethoubean posted on 20 October, 2009 - 08:29
he looked awesome for liz and jack's wedding!!!

RanmaSyaoran posted on 2 November, 2009 - 23:02
I'm liking the LED teeth!

Ranma1-2 posted on 24 November, 2009 - 16:37
Aww you dropped him from the cosplay ball. :( I think he woulda looked Awesome on the dimly lit dance floor. I noticed your 'Garry Oldman' spectacles are missing - did you have an accident with them??

KhaosKreator posted on 24 November, 2009 - 20:53
I didn't have the time to make the purple suit for RBW so I just went with a blue colour scheme for him as I had blue stuff. Adding the purple glasses just seemed to clash with it, so I left them. After RBW I found out that I hated wearing him, so I've abandoned him for the ball. Though I've stolen his claws for my ball costume, and added some improvements. -Tab

Ranma1-2 posted on 24 November, 2009 - 22:46
Hmm I think these full head coverage costumes are difficult to socialse in. Inside my Raven costume I feel really isolated from the outside world. They do look spectacular on the masquerade stage though. I like the way you just side-stepped around the problem with your new character. :)

KhaosKreator posted on 24 November, 2009 - 23:11
Yeah, it was definately the isolated feel I hated. Also, I'm very much about my facial expressions when I talk, so loosing them and not being able to just whip the mask off like I did with voldo made it really hard to talk to people. -Tab

- posted on 10 July, 2010 - 23:36
this looks brill. ..great work on the mask <3

Progress Journal

12th October 2009

Head with eyes and teeth lit

Finished the head foaming, then went straight into doing the eyes and the teeth. I just need to paint on details now and then I can fur.

9th October 2009


Made a tail today! Needs shaving down to blend the 3 furs better and airbrushing, but all in all, it DOESN'T SUCK TOO HARD.

...Maybe I should man up and get started on the head. I've kinda been putting the head off.