Roxas - Kingdom Hearts II



Wig: Made from a Twiggy ( ) Trimmed down by me. Later on I remade the costume and fooled around with this wig again to darken the color, platinum blond didn't look too good. Styled with Got2B hairspray.

Outfit: Everything (pants, shirt, jacket, accessories) were made from scratch without a pattern by me. The checker patterns were put on with the help of Heat n' Bond which works well but not with the fabric I was using, they're now slowly peeling off. Shoes used to be a bit more accurate color wise but not shape wise, now I just gave up and worn them the way they are.

Photography: Various members of SAGA ( )

Location: Boston, Massachusetts (USA)

Event: AnimeBoston 2009

Extra: I wore this in representation of SAGA, Acidicness(DA) was Riku and Okasi-san(DA) was Sora. And together we form Generation SAGA! (studiosaga@DA) x)

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