Echo - Pandora Hearts




Ahh i love Pandora Hearts. It was a tough choice between Ada and Echo, but i decided i love Echos outift and she suits me more :) :)

Lucy bought&Styled the wig
My material is stretchy xD lol. I dont think the blue colour is exactly right either but ah well~

- I havent made the tops of the sleeves stick out, because of limited time, money and general cba xD
- The boots covers are thick socks, that Im putting over white pumps, because I didnt want to make boot covers and the material from socks is stretchy xD
- I had a bit of trouble making the dress, because I had cut too much off the bottom, so I have had to add another piece of fabric at the top, so there is a line where the seam is, but its the only thing I could do. Please refrain from pointing it out to me on the day please xD



Emzone posted on 6 October, 2009 - 23:08
Cute Icon is cute 8D Echoo~! can't wait for this x3x3x3

Solaria posted on 7 October, 2009 - 08:21
8D CUte choice and like emi said so is the icon xD Cant wait 8D

BladeyCakes posted on 22 October, 2009 - 19:55
This will look so epic! <3 Cant wait to see 8D

CGOPbleachbabe posted on 3 January, 2010 - 14:39
loving the progress XD can't wait to see it complete u'll make an amazing echo

Solaria posted on 8 January, 2010 - 20:37
You be lying Beccy! It looks fine 8D X3 If ya not happy carry on until you are 8D

flames-of-monki posted on 8 January, 2010 - 20:58
ohhh can't wait to see this at expo very cool :D

Emzone posted on 8 January, 2010 - 22:48
I'm loving the progress 8D

Solaria posted on 10 January, 2010 - 20:08
Looking lovely the sleeves look so pretty and floaty x3

ProbablyHeather posted on 10 January, 2010 - 20:26
Its looking awesome so far 8D I might not have to hit you with the giant bells xD

CGOPbleachbabe posted on 10 January, 2010 - 20:56
Wow Amazing Progress

Emzone posted on 18 February, 2010 - 22:22
YAY completion! 8D

ProbablyHeather posted on 18 February, 2010 - 22:51
Yay! It looks awesome *3* Lucky that yours is completed XD

Solaria posted on 19 February, 2010 - 15:30
Look amazing 8D Cant wait to see irl x3

ProbablyHeather posted on 1 March, 2010 - 22:33
Sosososo awesome 8D!

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