Czelaw Meyer - Baccano!


KitaCon 2010




I covered a hat I already had with brown material (woo for pillowcases) which was time consuming but not difficult. The hardest part was finding a brown jacket; the girl's brown jackets were too girly with frills and bits and the guys jackets were right but in navy, black or grey >___<
Got it all done in the end and I'm actually really happy with it, it is my favourite cosplay so far ^^


Manjou posted on 30 March, 2010 - 01:00
The photos of your awesome Czelaw should be up now :3 2010/Sunday/ (password: letmein)

Pigmypie posted on 30 March, 2010 - 02:56
*squeee* thankooo manjouuuuuu!

AmethystEyes posted on 21 September, 2010 - 13:30
How did I not see this at Kitacon?! D: Very nice!

Pigmypie posted on 27 September, 2010 - 14:07
I wore this one to Alcon 2010 as well, I love this cosplay xD I got my boyfriend to go as Fermet, we meant to have lots of pictures of him torturing me in various ways but we didn't get around to it! Alas there is only one picture of him trying to step on my head xD