Rikku (Theif) - Final Fantasy X-2





I forget where I wore it first, Minami I think...

I chose it coz I'm an exhibitionist, I used to have a crush on Rikku and no-one else, at the British cons at least, had done it yet.

The hardest part was her hair, no-one in the world has that much hair, except maybe Gackt. I also had to strut about in a bikini top and was a little self-concious but after a couple voddy and cokes I forgot about it, much to everyone's woe.

The easiest part was her bikini, £12.99 from Debs.

I learnt to do more sit-ups if I ever want to cosplay another skimpy outfit worn by a fictional size 0 pixel chick. Or to bring a coat.

It was pretty cold and creepy fanbois kept staring (despite love-handles, win!...no wait...) but it was fun. People recognised it even though I'm pretty sure it was a fairly new game.


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