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So... I knew that Cat was ace at making hoody/ponchos so I originally commissioned her to do make Britannia Fairy (I don't think it actually has a name... until myself and my England actually Christen it, we're calling it that) but she was like "NO! Early Christmas Gift!" So I was like "AWESOME!" so yes... and the craziness began.

Here is a link to the Poncho/Hoody page of her Cosplay Island as well as her DA version, she is AWESOME! Share the love people!


Cosplay Island:

Worn at:
MCM London October Expo 09
KitaCon II


Mungojerrie posted on 14 October, 2009 - 15:39
I'm bringing this to expo for you! 8D

MoonLily posted on 14 October, 2009 - 16:00
Yaaaaay! It's my precious best friend! *Huuuuuuuuuug.* 8D *skips merrily.*

MoonLily posted on 2 November, 2009 - 02:38
Oh so cuuuute! XD Miss fairy, miss fairy AHAHAHAHAHAAA ~ :p

Crazedteensie posted on 3 November, 2009 - 13:54
I still say it's gonna kill me in my sleep.

HotshotShan posted on 5 January, 2010 - 20:54
This is absolutely adorable, how much fun do you look like you're having? XD

Solaria posted on 14 January, 2010 - 17:46
I remember seing you in this x3 It was very cute <3

Enchanting_ELK posted on 27 January, 2010 - 21:57
oh my god. I want your top, and hoodie, and mostly, YOUR ENGLAND FAIRY/PLUSHIE!!! >O zomg zomg XD this is an epic outfit :D

MadameLapin posted on 28 January, 2010 - 19:03
Hahahahaha, thank you m'dear <3 I don't actually own the England Plushie, it was my friend Chistine's. She also had an America one. Otherwise I'd ask him to fly and visit you. And thank you for the kind comment about my top and hoodie. My friend made the hoodie and I got a shop to print the shirt for me ^^ Thank you again hun <3

Enchanting_ELK posted on 28 January, 2010 - 22:54
haha, you're welcome :D OMG! I want her America plushie, too! x3 haha. Also forgot to include that Obama XD lmfao hell i WANT that! Walk in your room and Obama is there. THAT WOULD BE FREAKIN EPIC!! XD Awesome! :D Well you're welcome, again :P

MadameLapin posted on 28 January, 2010 - 23:03
Having Obana in your room is not epic! He watches you while you sleep and appears in the mirror... rather terrifying. But indeed, he is rather awesome =D I want her America Plushie toooo! My OTP, America/England. If yousei-san approves THEN IT MUST BE TRUE! Dawww, you're so sweet. Thankies *huggles*

Enchanting_ELK posted on 1 February, 2010 - 13:51
lmfao XDD true, but looking in the mirror and seeing him grinning at you would still be epic, despite him scaring you for a moment or two XD i think you would get used to it after a while, lol. And be like, 'oh hey Obama' lol. haha :P NO, IT'S ASAKIKU!! >P I think USxUK is okayyyy XD but i prefer UKxJAPAN >D cuz it's sweeter in my opinion<3 anyway, England is America's older BROTHER, or even DAD! It's just so wrongggg Dx haha :P *huggles back* ^_^ btw how much did getting ur shirt printed cost? And how did you do it? I've seen a stall in the White Rose Centre that prints shirts and It's kinda far so i don't wanna have to go and find out and then go back again XD do you think I need to take my own shirt for them to print on, and the union jack design too? :/

MadameLapin posted on 1 February, 2010 - 17:49
Eventually you get used to it apparently xD He always kind of scared me though. Although I was like "Oh hi Obama!" Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I seriosuly dislike that pairing. But hey, I don't mind if you like it ^^ I just SERIOUSLY prefer USA/UK, it's my OTP xD I also kind of liek the family pairing with UK/US... but usually, I don't pair them as father/son 0r brothers... if I was into that it'd be America/Canada *shot* It cost me £12 (t-shirt included I guess) and my brother's mate did it for me in his shop as a favour. I'm looking into transfer paper for another one of my cosplays though. I can let you know how that goes and whether it'll be okay for your cosplay (and tell you how to do it). Would you be able to call the Centre?

Enchanting_ELK posted on 4 February, 2010 - 01:45
haha :P >P mwahahahar, lol. Yeah, as long as I don't get America acting in THAT sort of a way around me when i cosplay England, I don't mind USxUK xD Although, it would still be funny if they did :P Just awkward lol. Haha xD Ooh kk :] Yeah I'd appreciate that :D Hmm, idk, probably. But I'd be scared of calling them XD The leader of the cosplay group I'm in is going to make some hoodies for our group with our logo on them there, so maybe I could go with her xD there are plenty of shops in the centre so if i needed a top for them to print on I could go buy one from the Primark in the centre or something, and then go back to the stall xP aslong as i had enough money. I've seen perfect shirts online but they're like £22 D:

Crazedteensie posted on 19 April, 2010 - 10:29
If you want to print your own tshirts, you can get the paper to do it from WHsmiths 8D It's £8 for five sheets, which is ridiculous, but cheaper than having it done at a shop. And it's pretty easy, it comes with instructions and all you need is an iron!

MadameLapin posted on 27 April, 2010 - 13:48
Thank you Cat, I'll pass that information on to my friend ^^

Enchanting_ELK posted on 27 April, 2010 - 16:29
^^ I has seen it( cuz I stalk you xO jkjk XD ) so no need to pm me 8D Thanks a lot, Crazedteensie! ^_^ I'll have a look for them! What is the paper called, do you know? ^^

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22nd October 2009


I was listening to that xD

Anyway, I thought it might be a nice idea to have a top with the Union Jack on it. NO ONE in the shops of course (where's the pride people?!) but my brother asked in a shop and they said they'd print one for me. It arrived today... throught I'd share it.

It's a little higher than i would have liked... I'm worried the pncho will cover most of it, however I LOVE IT! Only thing is.... I lack ownership of a plain white bra....