Doctor Robotnik (AoStH design) - Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog





Ivo Robotnik is the sexiest fat man in animation, according to animator Milton Knight. I have grown up watching this version of Mobius' mad genius, along with his bumbling badniks, Scratch and Grounder. AoStH Robotnik is by far the best version in my eyes, since you always look forward to seeing him. And how can you not when he's voiced by Long John Baldry (RIP) and is famous across the internet for his mighty Pingas?

Typically, I'm actually losing weight right now. Ivo will need a fat suit made, or something. The head will be very difficult, as I'm going to need it to hide my hair and allow me to breath and see.


Lady Bahamut posted on 3 October, 2009 - 19:33
XD legendary! I also grew up watching that version of Robonik :)

OrgXIII-Namine posted on 3 October, 2009 - 19:35
you are offically awesome!!!

Charlie-Bear posted on 3 October, 2009 - 19:49
Hells yeah to the sexiest fat man in animated!! ;D Dude seriously, this is gonna be freakin' awesome!!!!

Darkiekun posted on 13 October, 2009 - 23:25
I shall rape you now! Can't wait for this version! AOSTH is the best version of sonic ever!

Petchy-mon posted on 13 October, 2009 - 23:27

Manga Girl posted on 14 October, 2009 - 01:13
This is epic win! <3

OhMyGhibli posted on 28 October, 2009 - 14:45
simply amazed!!!! =D hope to see progress soon! lol

Chibi posted on 19 May, 2010 - 14:09
YUS Eggman will never be a Sonic villain in my eyes, Robotnik all the way!