Nia Teppelin (Princess) - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

In Progress




Hobo-Hitsugaya posted on 2 October, 2009 - 20:21
OMG this will be frickin adorable :3 DO IT :D

Dusttee posted on 9 November, 2009 - 17:18
your going to look so cute >W<

FrankieEstee posted on 25 November, 2009 - 16:47
The shoes look fabulous!! I can't wait to see this finished 8D

Dusttee posted on 25 February, 2010 - 22:34
omg i love that wig *o* Good luck with putting the blue in XD

misfit_mosher posted on 12 January, 2011 - 16:05
Omg this is soo adorable!!!

misfit_mosher posted on 12 January, 2011 - 16:06
Im gonna be doing simon and viral at one point too :D <3

LittlePidgey4 posted on 20 January, 2011 - 12:38
This is looking nice so far. :) Especially the shoes.

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