Protagonist (Seta Souji) (Winter Uniform) - Persona 4





Halloween is coming up, and it's tradition for us to get dressed up for trick or treating/parties. I had wanted to one of the guys from P4 but i wasn't sure which one out of Souji and Kanji. Eventually i chose Souji. The main reason i decided now to do it was because i found a jacket in the charity shop that looked like i could adapt it into the P4 uniform, and in the same store was a skirt with the pattern for the top of the jacket. So i bought them both and cut the skirt up to make the collor of the jacket.


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Progress Journal

30th September 2009


I bought some fabric paint today and have been painting the stiching on to the jacket. I kinda went a bit wrong, but it's ot too noticable. I'm making the badges out of foam. just got to find my paint.
heres a quick pic of it so far