M (suna no hana/live) - Art Cube


Amecon 2010


Cosplay of Art Cube's keyboardist, M. I put 'suna no hana/live' as the variant since its was around that period he was wearing this costume.

I wanted to cosplay this since a) I like M b) It's a cool costume

Putting it together was:
+ Corset/Waist cincher: bought a leather underbust corset from ebay. I couldn't find one exactly like the original, and don't have the skills or time to learn how to make one exactly the same (kind of lacking in decent reference pictures for the cincher anyway). Figured if I bought this one, it would serve as part of my regular wardrobe too! It's too high on the chest compared to the original, but I think it worked well enough.

+ Jacket/shirt thing: made this, using the same pattern as I've used for most of my cosplays and two feather boas. It took less than a day to make

+ Trousers/jeans: £2.50 from a charity shop. Had to adjust them to be a little slimmer in the leg, but what's 30 minutes work for a better fit?!

+ Boots: I have some that are good enough. Yay!

+ Jewellery: Ear cuff came from ebay; probably won't try to get any new rings for this cosplay because finding rings to fit is really difficult. T_T

+ Hair: partly my own hair and partly clip-in extensions. This was a bit of a pain to do on the day, because it wouldn't stick up where it was meant to and despite the gallon of hairspray it kept flopping over. Gaah.

+ Makeup: I had a bad makeup day when I applied this, and discovered that the pink I was going to use didn't go that easily on top of the white base I use. Urgh. Messed up the makeup a little but managed to fix that.

Was too warm in this outfit as it was an unexpectedly sunny and warm day! It was also a little itchy, and the feathers moulted everywhere and left black on my skin! Oops!

1000014 posted on 24 February, 2011 - 23:00
Uhhhh gorgeous as always

Anonymous posted on 25 February, 2011 - 01:15
You ARE M!!!!

Get ear-cuff
Get makeup
Get bindi
Make jacket thingy
Buy fabric for jacketyshirt thing
Dye hair

Total cost: £0.00

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